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August 19, 2001
Wishful thinking...

I had a really odd dream this morning. I just remembered some of it. I was in Japan. For some odd reason, my family was there, too. They've never expressed any interest in visiting Japan, really, but they were there. We were in a CD store, I think. I was speaking English to the cashiers and they were responding in Japanese and I could understand what they were saying. My mom told me I shouldn't buy anything that I could buy back home just as easily. I'd already bought a few things there, then I picked something else up and bought that, too. It was kind of a bizarre dream, treading the boundary between the utterly mundane and the really trippy.

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September 5, 2001

I had a messed-up dream this morning. I can't quite tell if I was lucid dreaming or if the whole thing started as a dream and ended up just drifting into my imagination. I was back in high school. Except it looked sort of more like my college. But not quite like that, either. Maybe it was some kind of amalgam. For some reason, all the guys ended up in this big laundry room or something and we were all naked. We had to go through school naked until we found our lockers or something. I went to go find mine and all sorts of weird stuff happened. I walked by the cafeteria and everyone was naked. I ended up in the mail room at my college and found a piece of paper that had my locker number on it. So I went to find it and no one was around. Then I finally found it and opened it up and everyone in the entire school was suddenly there and they were all pointing at me, laughing. I forget if they were still naked. I'm not utterly sure if this is all that happened in the dream. I have a hard time remembering details and events and I never write anything down. But the dream was similar. Weird weird weird.

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September 9, 2001
Run away!

It seems like I've been remembering a lot more of my dreams lately. The ones I remember tend to be ones I'm having right before I wake up in the morning. On Saturday morning, I had an odd one that had Ryan in it. Sarah and I were in our car and we were chasing Ryan, who was also in his car. The roads were lined with parked cars and sometimes there were some right in the middle of the street. Or there was other stuff in the middle of the street. It was a pretty treacherous chase. Anyhow... at some point, Ryan was suddenly on a bicycle. I remember that in my dream, I tried to remember exactly when Ryan had stopped and gotten on a bike, but I couldn't. We kept chasing him, but he seemed faster than ever. He kept waiting for us at the top of a hill. Or riding backwards, taunting us. For some reason, his bike was a LOT faster than our car. I don't think we caught him before I woke up. Very odd. And Ryan actually looked like Ryan in my dream. As did our car and Ryan's car. Things and people usually don't look like themselves in my dreams. Freaky.

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September 10, 2001
Baby, I'm a dreamer

I had a couple other weird dreams on Sunday morning. I know this is starting to sound like a dream blog or something, but oh well. In the first one, Sarah and I were with celebrities or something somewhere and I kept taking pictures. Sarah commented that it was great that I was getting all these pictures when I suddenly realized I was using a manual focus camera and I had just been doing the point 'n' shoot thing. Ack. In the other one, my dad and I were at the Academy Awards. Except they were being held in a college lecture hall. The long tables were replaced with round white ones. I believe it was Kevin Bacon who was MCing. Someone famous was next to me, but I forget who it was. They had no idea who I was. I was up for best supporting actor, I think. I saw dinner go by the door. It was these HUGE salmon filets in even bigger roasting pans with some kind of buttery orange colored sauce. Kevin Bacon ran out and started serving dinner to everyone. He served most of the audience first, then went back out and I wondered where he went since I was hungry. He came back and got the rest of us afterwards. I wondered why he was serving dinner then, but I figured it must've been a commercial break. Then I woke up. Fun stuff. :)

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September 11, 2001
I will punish YOU.

I had another freaky dream this morning. I can't remember exactly what happened in the beginning, but in the part I remember, it was pretty dark out. This woman and I were eating dinner and we were really scared. I think some bad men threatened us at the beginning of the dream. We were watching TV and the reporter said something about Frank Castle. I was, like, "Oh my God... Frank Castle's The Punisher! His wife and baby daughter were KILLED." Apparently, I was the baby daughter, since Sylvester Stallone suddenly came out, dressed in a Punisher uniform. Yes, I know... Sly didn't play The Punisher. So I ran around my parent's house (I'm not sure why I was living there) and placed my plate of food on the ground, though I was worried about dogs getting into it. And then it ended. I'm not sure why I was The Punisher's baby daughter. And I'm not even sure if that's what happened to The Punisher's family or if he even HAD a daughter. But anyhow... dreams are like that.

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September 26, 2001
Han? Leia?

Woah. I had a really odd dream this morning. I don't remember some important parts of it, but a few people from work showed up. I won't try to work out everything that was going on, but it was odd. At one point, I became Luke Skywalker and these two people from work, Michael and Jennifer, became Han Solo and Princess Leia. I believe we were all wearing outfits from Empire Strikes Back, though I think Jennifer was wearing Leia's Hoth outfit and I was wearing Luke's Bespin outfit. We were at my high school at that point, in a computer lab. When Michael/Han arrived, I was actually sitting at the computer, writing the dream as it happened. I didn't want him to see what I was writing. The computer was a pretty old machine (I can't remember if they were TRS-80s or the old PCs I'd used in high school), but it was running new software and had a color monitor. Before the dream ended, there was also some alert that the Empire was attacking. There was some stuff that happened before that, but it was a lot more muddy in my mind. Dreams are FUN!

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October 19, 2001
Please wipe

I had a very odd dream last night.

I remember very little of the beginning of it. There seemed to be some sort of party going on. I can't be sure if it was at my house (though I live in an apartment) or if it was someone else's, but pretty much everyone employed at the company I work for was there. At some point, I had to go to the bathroom, so I went downstairs to the basement. The basement ended up looking like the basement of my parents' house. CC, a guy who works here, was standing on the steps, just staring at the wall. I forget if I asked him what he was doing there or not. I got downstairs and the toilet was sitting there, around a corner, not really enclosed by walls or anything. So I'm sitting there and I notice there's hardly any toilet paper left. Suddenly, Jeff V., one of the founders of the company, shows up. I ask him to get me some toilet paper and he does. So I wipe and flush and all that and Jeff gives me a wad of cash. He tells me I have to pay for the toilet paper. At the time, I didn't think it was odd that he gave money to ME and then asked me to pay. All I could think about was that I was angry because I was the one who went to the grocery store and bought the toilet paper (which I had). So I'm counting out the money and I get to $39 and I ask him just how much he gave me and he tells me $39. But I still have a lot more money to count, including a $50 bill. So I tell him that the toilet paper should only cost $5, so I take a 5 out. I can't remember if I gave him the 5 and pocketed the rest or if I pocketed the 5 and gave him back the rest. It's all hazy. And strange. VERY strange.

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November 2, 2001

I was having an odd dream last night. I remember VERY little of it. I believe several people from work were in it, but I can't remember for sure. All I do remember is that I was standing in the middle of this big, almost empty room, flipping through the channels on this gigantic TV. And I stopped on a channel that was showing a concert. It was Herbie Hancock. I believe he was just finishing up "Rockit". And suddenly, I was at the concert. Pretty far from the stage, but I could see it like it was still on the TV. And then suddenly another song started up. It took me a second to recognize it, but it was actually a Shiina Ringo tune. And both Herbie and Shiina were up there, just playing away together. Then I felt someone tugging on my arm and I was suddenly back in the room, watching the TV. Someone was trying to get me to come back to the party or something. That's all I remember. Pretty weird. I haven't remembered a dream in weeks and this is the kind of stuff I get? Sheesh.

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November 7, 2001
Fear the beast

It took me a while this morning to realize I'd remembered part of a dream. It was kind of odd and I wish I remembered more of it. All I can remember is that Ryan was amazingly pissed at me in it. And I think I was almost completely oblivious to it until he said something about it. I talked to him about DVDs and music and stuff. I paid him for the web hosting. And the whole time he was just really angry. I'm actually not even sure that he ever said anything about it in the dream, but I get the distinct impression he did.

Angry Ryan is scary.

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July 22, 2003
When you close your eyes...

Some time this morning, I remembered 3 dreams that I had last night. Unfortunately, I now only remember one. I have no idea what happened to the other two. Nor do I have any idea what happened in them at ALL. I remember the other one pretty well, though.

I was talking to Ryan on the phone about my site. He'd mentioned in e-mail in real life that we'd have to talk about my storage space if I wanted to start putting pictures up now that I had a digital camera. So that's what we were talking about on the phone in the dream. For some reason, I mentioned looking at alternative hosting companies that provided more space. Then Ryan started asking me why I'd called tech support directly instead of going through him. He started getting kinda mad and said that it cost him $1000 every time I called tech support. So I said, "But I only called them 4 times!" And then he didn't say anything else and I just kept saying, "Hello?!" until I woke up.

Really wish I could remember the other two. But I have a feeling they weren't especially pleasant, either.

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A dream remembered...

I remembered another of the dreams! It was obviously triggered by the fact that I had my Japanese class today and that I'm always worried about getting there too late or too early when I go on a vacation day, since it's easy to tell how long it's going to take when I go from work, but I'm never sure when I go from home. Anyhow... all that really happened in the dream was that I showed up for my Japanese class and I went to my classroom. I was sitting there and a different teacher came in and then I noticed that a whole bunch of students I didn't recognize came in. And no one seemed to think it odd that I was there. Then I realized that I was 3 hours early for class. And that was it. Not a particularly meaningful dream, but oh well.

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January 6, 2004
Da? Nyet? Errr...

I had a pretty vivid and somewhat lucid dream last night/this morning. I really need to learn to keep a pad of paper or something next to my bed. When I woke up from it, I remembered most of it, but then I went back to sleep and I remember very little. The only thing I remember is that, for some reason, I was back in college, but the rest of my present life was the same, I think. For some reason, I was taking Russian. And I remember wondering (which was, I think, the lucid part) how I was going to manage both Russian and Japanese at the same time.


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April 28, 2004
Strange and violent dreams

This is the first time in a while that I've actually remembered any of the dreams I've had. Both of these occurred this morning.

The first one I'm a little sketchy on. I was coming home from work and I was on Baron Cameron, just about to turn onto 7. Except I was in the middle lane. I'd looked over at the car to my right and it was this little red car. Then I became preoccupied with something that was going on in the car to my left, so I was watching it. I think I may have said something to the people in the car to my left. Suddenly, I heard some clapping. I turned around and the guy from the red car was in my window up to his waist and was clapping. I pushed him back hard with both hands and that's when I woke up... to discover that I'd knocked the lamp and my glasses off the nightstand. Pretty loudly, too.

The second one was even stranger. I was somewhere... apparently, I was at a school or something. And I was sitting at a computer and typing into something that was maybe a public bulletin board thing or something similar. At the top, I'd written some Tori Amos lyrics. And then I was writing something else, which I can't quite remember. But Tori suddenly was there, looking over my shoulder. She started singing the lyrics that I'd written and continued on with the song. She kept reading what I was writing as she sang. She stopped and told me she liked what I'd written and that she wanted to workshop with me some time. What was odd was that I started making mistakes typing, but I was able to talk to her just fine, which is completely opposite of real life.

The next part was even stranger. I was outside heading for the school bus so I could go home. The buses kept passing by, some of them full, some of them not, and I wondered why the half-empty ones kept going without stopping. I started worrying that I wouldn't get a bus home. I sat on the grass to wait and there were kids around. But then one of my co-workers was there, too, and she may have been as small as a kid, but I'm not sure, since all I remember is her face in the dream. People tend to not look like themselves in my dreams, but she did in this one. Anyhow... then I noticed this creature coming toward us. I pointed it out to my co-worker, but she kept looking in the wrong direction and saying, "Where?" I said to myself, "Oh, it's a red panda." even though it didn't really look like one. Its snout was pretty long and its legs were too short. It was coming right toward my co-worker and she finally noticed it and just said, "Oh." She seemed entirely disinterested. So it came up to me and put a paw on my shoulder. It then nestled its nose into the crook of my arm. I was suddenly wearing a pretty heavy coat and it started to nibble at it and I could feel it on my arm. I started calling for help and then woke up.

My brain's weird. :)

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March 16, 2005
Not again!

I've started having my recurring school dream again. I'm in college and I've forgotten to go to a class all semester. I explain to people that it's hard for me to remember which classes I have on Monday, since I have so many of them. It's always English class. And I'm always explaining it to people I went to high school with, instead of people I went to college with. This time I finally went to class on some random day and we were having a big test. Ooops.

This time, another dream mixed in with this one slightly. I often dream that I've forgotten to check my mail all semester and I finally do and I have all these packages and pieces of mail. It's wacky.

Last night I had a new dream where all these girls I went to high school with showed up at this weird place where you could buy breakfast and coffee and stuff. One of them had colored her hair orange, was wearing orange clothes, and had orange contacts. None of these girls would've had anything to do with me in high school. :P

Off to delete over a thousand bits of comment spam!

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