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Strange and violent dreams

This is the first time in a while that I've actually remembered any of the dreams I've had. Both of these occurred this morning.

The first one I'm a little sketchy on. I was coming home from work and I was on Baron Cameron, just about to turn onto 7. Except I was in the middle lane. I'd looked over at the car to my right and it was this little red car. Then I became preoccupied with something that was going on in the car to my left, so I was watching it. I think I may have said something to the people in the car to my left. Suddenly, I heard some clapping. I turned around and the guy from the red car was in my window up to his waist and was clapping. I pushed him back hard with both hands and that's when I woke up... to discover that I'd knocked the lamp and my glasses off the nightstand. Pretty loudly, too.

The second one was even stranger. I was somewhere... apparently, I was at a school or something. And I was sitting at a computer and typing into something that was maybe a public bulletin board thing or something similar. At the top, I'd written some Tori Amos lyrics. And then I was writing something else, which I can't quite remember. But Tori suddenly was there, looking over my shoulder. She started singing the lyrics that I'd written and continued on with the song. She kept reading what I was writing as she sang. She stopped and told me she liked what I'd written and that she wanted to workshop with me some time. What was odd was that I started making mistakes typing, but I was able to talk to her just fine, which is completely opposite of real life.

The next part was even stranger. I was outside heading for the school bus so I could go home. The buses kept passing by, some of them full, some of them not, and I wondered why the half-empty ones kept going without stopping. I started worrying that I wouldn't get a bus home. I sat on the grass to wait and there were kids around. But then one of my co-workers was there, too, and she may have been as small as a kid, but I'm not sure, since all I remember is her face in the dream. People tend to not look like themselves in my dreams, but she did in this one. Anyhow... then I noticed this creature coming toward us. I pointed it out to my co-worker, but she kept looking in the wrong direction and saying, "Where?" I said to myself, "Oh, it's a red panda." even though it didn't really look like one. Its snout was pretty long and its legs were too short. It was coming right toward my co-worker and she finally noticed it and just said, "Oh." She seemed entirely disinterested. So it came up to me and put a paw on my shoulder. It then nestled its nose into the crook of my arm. I was suddenly wearing a pretty heavy coat and it started to nibble at it and I could feel it on my arm. I started calling for help and then woke up.

My brain's weird. :)

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