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Han? Leia?

Woah. I had a really odd dream this morning. I don't remember some important parts of it, but a few people from work showed up. I won't try to work out everything that was going on, but it was odd. At one point, I became Luke Skywalker and these two people from work, Michael and Jennifer, became Han Solo and Princess Leia. I believe we were all wearing outfits from Empire Strikes Back, though I think Jennifer was wearing Leia's Hoth outfit and I was wearing Luke's Bespin outfit. We were at my high school at that point, in a computer lab. When Michael/Han arrived, I was actually sitting at the computer, writing the dream as it happened. I didn't want him to see what I was writing. The computer was a pretty old machine (I can't remember if they were TRS-80s or the old PCs I'd used in high school), but it was running new software and had a color monitor. Before the dream ended, there was also some alert that the Empire was attacking. There was some stuff that happened before that, but it was a lot more muddy in my mind. Dreams are FUN!

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