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When you close your eyes...

Some time this morning, I remembered 3 dreams that I had last night. Unfortunately, I now only remember one. I have no idea what happened to the other two. Nor do I have any idea what happened in them at ALL. I remember the other one pretty well, though.

I was talking to Ryan on the phone about my site. He'd mentioned in e-mail in real life that we'd have to talk about my storage space if I wanted to start putting pictures up now that I had a digital camera. So that's what we were talking about on the phone in the dream. For some reason, I mentioned looking at alternative hosting companies that provided more space. Then Ryan started asking me why I'd called tech support directly instead of going through him. He started getting kinda mad and said that it cost him $1000 every time I called tech support. So I said, "But I only called them 4 times!" And then he didn't say anything else and I just kept saying, "Hello?!" until I woke up.

Really wish I could remember the other two. But I have a feeling they weren't especially pleasant, either.

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Now I'm out 4 grand.

Thanks a lot, jerk.

Diagnosis: You're still warm to his form.

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