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Baby, I'm a dreamer

I had a couple other weird dreams on Sunday morning. I know this is starting to sound like a dream blog or something, but oh well. In the first one, Sarah and I were with celebrities or something somewhere and I kept taking pictures. Sarah commented that it was great that I was getting all these pictures when I suddenly realized I was using a manual focus camera and I had just been doing the point 'n' shoot thing. Ack. In the other one, my dad and I were at the Academy Awards. Except they were being held in a college lecture hall. The long tables were replaced with round white ones. I believe it was Kevin Bacon who was MCing. Someone famous was next to me, but I forget who it was. They had no idea who I was. I was up for best supporting actor, I think. I saw dinner go by the door. It was these HUGE salmon filets in even bigger roasting pans with some kind of buttery orange colored sauce. Kevin Bacon ran out and started serving dinner to everyone. He served most of the audience first, then went back out and I wondered where he went since I was hungry. He came back and got the rest of us afterwards. I wondered why he was serving dinner then, but I figured it must've been a commercial break. Then I woke up. Fun stuff. :)

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