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Run away!

It seems like I've been remembering a lot more of my dreams lately. The ones I remember tend to be ones I'm having right before I wake up in the morning. On Saturday morning, I had an odd one that had Ryan in it. Sarah and I were in our car and we were chasing Ryan, who was also in his car. The roads were lined with parked cars and sometimes there were some right in the middle of the street. Or there was other stuff in the middle of the street. It was a pretty treacherous chase. Anyhow... at some point, Ryan was suddenly on a bicycle. I remember that in my dream, I tried to remember exactly when Ryan had stopped and gotten on a bike, but I couldn't. We kept chasing him, but he seemed faster than ever. He kept waiting for us at the top of a hill. Or riding backwards, taunting us. For some reason, his bike was a LOT faster than our car. I don't think we caught him before I woke up. Very odd. And Ryan actually looked like Ryan in my dream. As did our car and Ryan's car. Things and people usually don't look like themselves in my dreams. Freaky.

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