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I was having an odd dream last night. I remember VERY little of it. I believe several people from work were in it, but I can't remember for sure. All I do remember is that I was standing in the middle of this big, almost empty room, flipping through the channels on this gigantic TV. And I stopped on a channel that was showing a concert. It was Herbie Hancock. I believe he was just finishing up "Rockit". And suddenly, I was at the concert. Pretty far from the stage, but I could see it like it was still on the TV. And then suddenly another song started up. It took me a second to recognize it, but it was actually a Shiina Ringo tune. And both Herbie and Shiina were up there, just playing away together. Then I felt someone tugging on my arm and I was suddenly back in the room, watching the TV. Someone was trying to get me to come back to the party or something. That's all I remember. Pretty weird. I haven't remembered a dream in weeks and this is the kind of stuff I get? Sheesh.

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