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Master... the paper... it's heavy...

Well, Sarah just got back from her first class. It was definitely an eye-opener.

Sarah had signed up for 4 classes worth 12 credits total. This was a cakewalk during her undergrad years when she wasn't working and the classes were... well... undergradish. This was different.

She has to get an A or B or she's dropped from the program. The readings for this class for the week are made up of almost 200 pages of articles and about 150 pages of book reading. This is apparently normal for these kinds of classes. This is also insane.

A grad student in her last semester told Sarah that she'd go nuts if she tried to do this while working. The student had done 12 credits without working and just about tore her hair all out.

So... Sarah's going to be dropping a couple classes. She's going to go to all of them to see which ones to drop. She's disappointed, since she wanted to do this fairly quickly, but this is just way too much. She's taking it fairly well, though, and I think she expected this to happen. But it was good of her to take on more than she could chew just to see what it was like. Grad school's a completely new experience. This'll definitely be better for her. Only one of us is allowed to be nuts.

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I did grad school at night while working. It took me 13 straight quarters - one class per quarter most of the time. Don't rush. I found that people, employers, etc are very impressed that you are working on a grad degree at night. More so than when you actually get the damn degree!

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