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lazily lazin' laze

Well. I promised a li'l review on my blog when I listened to it, so I'm giving it. Keep in mind that this is my opinion only slightly biased by knowing the man and that my musical tastes are rather different from his. But anyhow... :)

On January 1st, Urban Ambiance re-released the Lyrical Prophets' 1997 release Flipyawig, this time on CD. It also includes two bonus tracks. Woo! I happened to be the first person who ordered it. Woo! Anyhow... I got the chance to listen to this on the way to and from work today. Here's my impression.

For me... the album is like a rather attractively curvaceous woman. It starts off good, blossoms at track 4, thins out a smidge at track 6, expands around track 7, then tapers off a bit to a nice pair of legs starting with track 9. The album is solidly built. Definitely the stand-out tracks for me are the title track, Supa Man, and Nitty Gritty. I'm definitely not saying that the others are poor, but I really enjoyed these. The CD's lyrically clever, musically rich, and just oodles of fun. And, honestly, I've never heard Ryan cuss more in my life than on the bonus track Stuck. Yikes.

So, ladies and gents, go buy it. And, while you're at it, buy some stuff. Listen to the album and quiver in ecstatic anticipation as you wait for the forthcoming follow-up, Prophecy Manifested.

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I ordered mine yesterday. I hoped to be first, but Xmas put a hit on my wallet.

Anyway, I'm superjazzed. Is there any chance this disc features the rhyme, "I'll fuck your shit up like anal sex"?


Why yes. Yes it does. It made me giggle like a schoolgirl.


I'm glad everyone remembers/notices that particular line -- it's always been one of my proudest moments. :)

Thanks for the review, Robbo. I appreciate it...

And Mr. S -- your copy will be on the way posthaste.

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