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October 1, 2002
I'm turning Japanese.

Well, last night was my first Japanese class. I left work about 10 minutes early so I could make sure to be there on time. You never know how 66 is going to be and I really wasn't sure how long it'd take me to get the rest of the way by metro. I left myself a little over 2 hours. It took me exactly 45 minutes from the time I left work to the time I was standing in front of the building where the classes were being held. So I had a bit of time to kill.

When I tried to get into the building, the doors were locked, but there was a little phone where you could talk to someone who, supposedly, would open the door for you. I saw a few other people do it and I probably should've just gone in with them then. Instead, I tried myself. When the person answered, I said I was there for the Japanese class and they asked me for a code word. I said I didn't have one and they said I needed one, but they'd make some calls for me about it. Then they hung up. This was bizarre. Others had been let through with no problems. Luckily, some other people came up and were let in, so I followed them.

The class itself was interesting. There were 6 other people in the class, 4 girls, 2 guys. Our teacher's only been in the country for a year now. Her English isn't quite there yet, but... it's far better than my Japanese, so I'm not judging. The first class went fairly slowly, but I'm a bit glad about that since the language seems rather difficult to learn. Though she kept stressing that English was much harder for a Japanese person to learn because of all the consonant sounds and consonant pairs, that really didn't make me feel more confident. Still... back in the day when I'd really gotten into astronomy, I managed to memorize the lower case Greek alphabet. I should be able to handle hiragana. Or so I've lead me to believe.

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October 2, 2002
Baby, you are SO hot tonight...

It's October. And I had to turn on my air conditioning last night.

This disturbs me.

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Glove... lovely glove...

I can't remember what I was thinking about this morning, but an odd question drifted into my head. Why hasn't someone come up with a more modern name for the glove compartment? Hardly anyone wears driving gloves these days. So the name isn't really descriptive of what we store in there. It's not like I think the names of things should be changed when they become outdated. I'm just surprised when they aren't, especially in something like a car where they seem to come up with some fancy name for any little feature to make it sound like a cool technological marvel, even if it's just a cup holder. Glove compartment doesn't really cut it.

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Long... what?

O.K. I wasn't going to say anything. But the trend is growing and getting out of hand. What the hell are "long nipples"? Just nipples that are long? Or is there something else to it? It's really scary just how many people have searched for that particular term and found their way to my site that way. At this very moment, my site comes up third in a search on Google (behind a site apparently devoted to extremely long nipples and another site claiming to be the number one site for links to pictures of transvestites).

I only WISH my site was so interesting.

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Endure your freedom!

Though this is a fairly old site now, I'd never seen it before, and it had me on the floor. Laughing, not bleeding or anything. Get Your War On!.

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October 8, 2002
Fall on me...

Yum. It was nice and chilly this morning. You could even say it was crisp. Fall is finally here. Happiness.

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October 27, 2002
Stuff and more stuff...

Hey there.

Sorry I've been so quiet, but I was waiting for something to happen and it hasn't yet, but that's O.K. :) I'll probably have to disappear for a short while again soon. But anyhow...

Not a whole lot's been going on. I've posted my DVD collection online. There's a link to it on my blog page as well as on my main page. I've also decided that I'm going to be crazy enough to do the National Novel Writing Month this year. 50,000 words in one month... seems daunting. I doubt I'll make it, but it'll be fun to try.

Japanese class is going well. I hope I can retain this stuff longer than a few weeks. Seeing written Japanese semi-often helps.

Had dessert with Ryan and Huyen tonight, which was nice and yummy. Haven't seen them in far too long. And I finally got the CD I won in the ADDreviews contest. I'll give a quick review when I've listened to it.

Anyhow... since I get an extra hour of sleep tonight, I'm taking it now. Just wanted to check in with all you fine people.

Long nipples forever!

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October 28, 2002
With a cast THIS good...


Well, I started listening to the CD I won in the ADDreviews contest. Seriously, this is a fine disc. I was rather impressed with the professional appearance of it when I first got it into my not-so-grubby little hands. This was obviously a labor of love. Or at least lust.

When I first stuck it in my computer, I noted that it had already been entered into CDDB. Now that's quality AND service.

Most of the stuff on there I've never heard before. I'm about halfway through listening to it and I've found quite a lot of stuff that I like a lot. There's so much music out there that I've never heard. This is just a taste.

With the quality of this CD, maybe I'll have to start actually paying attention to what the boys over at ADDreviews have to say. Maybe I'll become someone's yes-man.

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