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September 4, 2002

I have to admit... I like Netscape 7. I know there are probably better browsers out there, but I've always been a Netscape kid. The new one's a definite improvement over 6. We'll see if there are any annoying bugs that'll drive me away.

Go, Netscape, go!

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September 8, 2002
I know, can you bewieve it?

Here's a site that I think most of you will get a big kick out of. I haven't even looked at everything on there, but you could really waste a LOT of time there if you wanted to.

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September 9, 2002
Up(date) Your Anchor

Oooh. I've been selected to participate in the beta test for the Playstation 2 version of Everquest. This is the first time I've ever gotten to beta test something and, though I'd have rather been selected for the Star Wars Galaxies beta, this should be cool. I'll get to become an Everquest zombie for however long the beta lasts. I'll have an excuse for not sleeping and showering and stuff. Yay! :)

I haven't heard from the Japanese language school yet about whether the class was happening with me in it. But they accept applications up until the 20th, so I'm not too worried or anything. They took my money, so that's something.

Nothing much else is going on. I've been feeling a bit ill lately, so I haven't been working late at work as much as I probably should, but... I'll get back to that shortly, I'm sure.

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September 16, 2002
The Weekenders

I took this past Friday off to make up for the long hours and the weekend I worked. We went into the city and had a great time. In the morning, we hit the National Gallery of Art to see the Quest for Immortality exhibit. Though it was a bit too crowded for my tastes, it really was an excellent exhibit with a lot of excellent artifacts. There was a great mix of large-scale and small-scale items and I think it was organized fairly well. The highlight of the exhibit was the reconstruction of the burial chamber of Thutmose III. Just breathtaking to walk into a room like that.

Afterwards, we went to the new International Spy Museum. I'm so used to going to free museums in DC that it was kind of odd actually paying for a museum again. But it was worth it. Though we spent over 2 hours in there, we could've stayed for much longer. There is just a LOT of stuff in there and it's all interesting. Though I sometimes questioned the way it was organized, it's a fine museum and I think everyone should go if they get the chance.

Other than that, I spent more than I should've at the CD Cellar in Leesburg and the one in Falls Church. But at least now I only need one more stamp to get a free CD. Yay!

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September 23, 2002
Kick Some Butt... On Route 66

This is starting to drive me really batty. I've known for a while that most drivers around here are pretty stupid. Shifting across 4 lanes in one go through heavy traffic, cutting me off, and all sorts of sillyness has become fairly commonplace to me. But there's one thing in my morning commute that really gets me. There are several places getting on and off 66 where the exit ramp is quite long, merges with the on-ramp, then gets right back on 66. So many many cars decide to get off 66, take the exit ramp, then get right back on 66, so they can skip maybe 20 cars' worth of traffic. Which causes more slowdowns as they try to reinsert themselves into the flow. And they slow things down by getting in the way of people actually trying to get on 66 in the first place. It's just idiotic, illogical, and plain rude.


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September 25, 2002
My universe will start making sense...

Something good came in the mail yesterday. I found out that I got into that Japanese class I applied for a while back. I was starting to get a bit worried since the class starts on the 30th, but everything's happy.

I'm horrid at languages, really. I was able to learn read, write, and understand French fairly well back in high school. True, I had my occasional troubles with verb conjugations. But my real problem was with speaking it. My accent and pronunciation was atrocious. It worries me a bit that this elementary class focuses on conversation because of that. Hopefully everything will go well, though. It seems to be easy for me to get discouraged when learning something these days, but maybe my desire to learn it will overcome that.

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Lend me your ears... so I can sell them for a ticket.

I'm sure everyone's tired of hearing people rant about Ticketmaster. But... now it's my turn.

Maybe I'm silly, but I figured that I'd get the best seats if I did the Internet presale they were doing for a show. So I logged in at 10am when it was supposed to start... and nothing. I checked several times during the day and there was still nothing, so I gave up for a while. Around 3:30, I checked again and it had started at 2:45. Gah. Luckily, I was able to still get decent seats. Not in the center but still not bad.

But... $20 extra for 2 tickets? The tickets already cost $40 (which is absurd) and then on top of that I have to pay $10 more per ticket? It just makes me weep. Soon enough I'll end up paying for a whole extra ticket by the time I'm done with "convenience" fees.

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