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August 1, 2001
A new day has dawned...

I'm trying to get this silly thing to post. :P

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August 18, 2001
Oh, the loudness!

Oh. I don't know if I mentioned it, but my CPU fan's been acting crazy. Happened around the same time as the ethernet card dying. The middle fan was making a ton of noise. So I bought a new one. This thing's a monster. A Golden Orb. When I got it, it was bigger than I expected and I worried it wouldn't fit. But it did. A bit tigther than the old one. Just... you know... the power wires leading from the power supply to every single other thing get in the way a bit. :P But it's O.K. And it's quiet. And things are better now.

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October 17, 2001
Poor little sick girl...

Poor Sarah's still sick. She even seems to be getting worse. She can barely talk today, her cough has made her throat so raw. What makes matters worse is that, being unemployed, she has no health insurance, so she can't go to the doctor. If this is some kind of infection, she'll need antibiotics. I keep telling her she should give me whatever she's got so I can go to the doctor and get medicine for the both of us to share, but she won't do it. My immune system is proving to be surprisingly strong this time around.

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October 25, 2001

My Star Wars DVD finally showed up. Yay! Sure, it's over a week since its release, but that's O.K. The thing is selling like crazy, so I can understand it going out of stock temporarily at the place I ordered it from. Things won't be so bad when Shrek is released on November 2nd. They're currently listing about 30,000 copies of that in stock. Awwww yeah...

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November 15, 2001

Well, I had a pretty nice birthday. :) Got some good gifts and a lot of birthday wishes from people, so that was nice. Went out and had a nice dinner and everything. No one got me a job for my birthday, but I imagine that's a pretty tall order. Oh well. Maybe for Christmas.

Went out for lunch today with an ex-co-worker. Things seem to be weird but getting back to normal at my old company. Which is good. I'd hate for anything to happen to anyone I know and care about who still works there.

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November 16, 2001
Happy Tofurkey Day!

Well... I'm off for a little while. We're heading out of town for the holidays and won't be back until November 26th. I'll miss my blogging, but I'm sure you won't. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Don't stuff yourself with turkey or tofurky or anything else.

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December 1, 2001
Beware the 8th Continent

Well... I tried 8th Continent soy milk tonight. It was the vanilla flavor. A very odd taste that I think could take some getting used to. Kind of an odd aftertaste and it was VERY vanilla-y. Not really what I was expecting. The vanilla seemed a little too overpowering to me. Maybe I should've gone with the chocolate instead. I'm not giving up, though. Just mulling over the odd flavor.

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December 17, 2001
Piddly update...

I sincerely apologize for being so quiet lately. This job and the holiday season have made it feel like things are hectic, even if they're not. The job's been going well so far. In a way, it's too bad it's not a permanent job, but I know it doesn't pay quite well enough anyhow. But it's still nice, even if the commute's longer.

Went up to Ohio this weekend to visit Sarah's family. Had a good time playing with the babies. The drive's long and I'm not much for long trips, so it feels good to be home.

Hopefully soon I'll catch up on things and get back to doing some reviews for ADDmovies.

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July 28, 2002
Utterly stunned

Wow. I just can't believe it. They actually rescued those miners. It's just amazing what people can live through. I don't know if I could live three days in those conditions. I really thought they were goners.

Must've been the Blogathon that kept 'em goin'.

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August 11, 2002
Quick update...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to do a quick, random update.

Work's been really busy lately. With the school year starting soon and people being out sick or on vacation, I've had a lot to do. Hopefully everything will get done before the kids return, though I'm not feeling all that hopeful about it. Ah well... I'm doing what I can.

Apparently, my credit card number was stolen. I noticed a couple charges from ibillcs.com on my bank statement and it turns out this is some kind of Internet billing company. Some guy apparently subscribed to adultupskirt.com or something like that with my credit card number. His e-mail address was rather odd. Luckily, they said they'd refund the charges and block my credit card. I should probably call my bank and have them give me a new credit card number for my check card. I have to wait a bit for one charge to go through, but then I should be O.K.

I've upgraded my home machine to Windows 2000 to try to fix the problems I was having. I probably could've just reinstalled Windows 98 and it may have fixed the trouble, but... it might not have. It's probably time for me to enter the new century anyhow, so I figured I might as well. Everything's working great so far and the problem I was having vanished. The install went pretty smoothly. I had to reinstall a couple programs, but it wasn't too bad at all.

The MP3 of the week will be late. I haven't really gotten to use the computer much today and I won't get to for long tonight, either. It's almost time for bed anyhow... :P

That's all. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I had to keep anyone interested updated.

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September 9, 2002
Up(date) Your Anchor

Oooh. I've been selected to participate in the beta test for the Playstation 2 version of Everquest. This is the first time I've ever gotten to beta test something and, though I'd have rather been selected for the Star Wars Galaxies beta, this should be cool. I'll get to become an Everquest zombie for however long the beta lasts. I'll have an excuse for not sleeping and showering and stuff. Yay! :)

I haven't heard from the Japanese language school yet about whether the class was happening with me in it. But they accept applications up until the 20th, so I'm not too worried or anything. They took my money, so that's something.

Nothing much else is going on. I've been feeling a bit ill lately, so I haven't been working late at work as much as I probably should, but... I'll get back to that shortly, I'm sure.

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October 27, 2002
Stuff and more stuff...

Hey there.

Sorry I've been so quiet, but I was waiting for something to happen and it hasn't yet, but that's O.K. :) I'll probably have to disappear for a short while again soon. But anyhow...

Not a whole lot's been going on. I've posted my DVD collection online. There's a link to it on my blog page as well as on my main page. I've also decided that I'm going to be crazy enough to do the National Novel Writing Month this year. 50,000 words in one month... seems daunting. I doubt I'll make it, but it'll be fun to try.

Japanese class is going well. I hope I can retain this stuff longer than a few weeks. Seeing written Japanese semi-often helps.

Had dessert with Ryan and Huyen tonight, which was nice and yummy. Haven't seen them in far too long. And I finally got the CD I won in the ADDreviews contest. I'll give a quick review when I've listened to it.

Anyhow... since I get an extra hour of sleep tonight, I'm taking it now. Just wanted to check in with all you fine people.

Long nipples forever!

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November 26, 2002
The tofurkeys are stampeding... run for the hills!

Well, it's that time of year again. Sarah and I will be heading up to Massachusetts to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We're leaving in a couple hours, since we're driving up. Sarah's still terrified of getting on a plane. She's having trouble making this fear and her desire to go to Europe mesh, though. But anyhow... e-mail and blogging will be spotty while I'm there. But I'll eat a turkey or two for you guys.

I've also pretty much given up on the hope of completing my novel by the end of the month. I'm at a little over 11,000 words and I'm just not going to make it. This was just too rough a month. Too much to do and too little time to do it in combined with feeling sick too often and feeling tired even more often. That and my natural tendency to hate everything I do kind of led to my downfall. I'm hoping I can still run with this and try to continue in December and see if I can overcome my creative inertia. So we'll see what happens. I hate to lose and miss a goal like this so outrageously, but I don't feel like there was much I could do.

Sarah's gonna make it, though. She's kept on target the whole time and I'm proud of her.

Anyhow... Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. If you're travelling, I hope you stay safe. If not, I still hope you stay safe. It'll probably just be a little bit easier.

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December 5, 2002
Snow Day!

Man... this is the sort of thing that makes me REALLY like working at a school. :) And it looks real purty, too.

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December 10, 2002
The end? No... this is just the beginning...

Well, last night was the last meeting of my first Japanese class. I think it was worth it. I know a lot more than I did before I took the class and it worked out much better for someone to teach me this instead of me trying to figure it out for myself. I'll most likely take the next class, which starts in the third week of January. Should be good.

Life's seemed really hectic lately for no good reason. I had a 4 day weekend, after all. I just feel like I have very little time and I don't know why. Must be just the holiday season. It makes things feel chaotic whether they are or not.

I forgot to mention officially that Sarah did manage to finish her novel with 2 days to spare. She hasn't really decided what to do with it besides the inevitable revisions and tweaking and such. Maybe I'll convince her to let me post it here. As for me... I'm going to try working on mine soon. Now that my class is over, hopefully I'll feel like I have more time.

Christmas is coming up so fast. We haven't even put the fake tree up yet. Eeep!

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December 16, 2002
Oodles o' noodles

Yeah yeah, I've been quiet lately... It's Christmas (yes, the whole month is designated "Christmas")! I've had stuff to do.

Finally managed to drag Sarah to Minerva in Herndon on Saturday. They have an excellent and very reasonably priced lunch buffet. It's definitely some of the spiciest Indian food I've ever had, too. My mouth was on fire and my nose was running after just a few bites. But it was so worth it. While my taste buds were still functioning, it was really good.

Pretty much all of my Christmas shopping is done! YAY! Sarah was pretty much done at the end of November, since I bought her a laptop and that pretty much covered how much I tend to budget for her. Still have to pick up a card and send out cards to everyone else, but... at least spending the bulk of the money is over.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Be gentle with me...

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December 18, 2002
Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming...

Well, this will be my last post for a bit. Tomorrow afternoon we're headed off to Ohio to do the Christmas thing with Sarah's family. We'll be back on the 23rd or 24th so we can have Christmas Day to ourselves at the apartment.

I'll get up another Christmas tune on the MP3 of the Week before I go, though. Don't fret now.

If I don't get to say so... I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Get me presents.

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December 31, 2002
The holidays and such...

Well, we got back from Ohio last Monday. The journey there was treacherous and yucky. We got a flat tire about 45 minutes away from Sarah's grandparents' place. Right after a toll booth, too. I bet they sabotaged the car. We had a really nasty gash on the side of the tire facing the car and have no idea how that could've happened. It could've been worse... we could've been far far away from where we were headed.

Christmas was fairly quiet. We just made a nice dinner for ourselves. Then Sarah's friend came over the next day with her boyfriend and we hung out with them. The rest of the time was spent with Sarah working on stuff she needed to do for grad school and doing some practice sessions for the GRE, which she took today.

She was nervous, but she pulled through and scored over 100 points more than she needed to for the minimum requirement for school. Go, Sarah!

Not sure what we'll be doing for New Years Eve. Maybe something good, maybe something bad...

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January 5, 2003
And back we go...

Well, my vacation is just about over. One more day to go. It'll be rough getting back into the habit of waking up to go to work. But I think I'll manage. Hopefully things start out slowly, though. I don't think I could handle a crisis on a Monday morning after two weeks of vacation.

Sarah and I went to see Grey Eye Glances last night at the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis. Good show, though the food there's kinda overpriced. The opening act was pretty good, too.

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February 2, 2003
A horrible day...

I didn't get to post this yesterday, since it was a busy day, but...

I woke up pretty late yesterday morning and flipped on the TV. I usually don't watch TV much in the mornings, even on weekends, but I just decided to see what was on. Sometimes there's something good on PBS. What awaited me was video of those bright streaks in the sky that, by now, people have seen far too much of. It took me a few moments (and some channel flipping) to even grasp the magnitude of what had happened.

It instantly made me think back to the Challenger explosion in 1986. I remember sitting in class when they told us about it. For some reason, I seem to remember that they brought in a TV for us to watch the news on, but that may just be my memories getting all jumbled up. Back then, I was really into astronomy, so the news hit me hard. Today, I was just sort of shocked that it could happen again in a lifetime.

It's truly a sad day.

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February 16, 2003
Blinded by the white

Jeez... this is the most snow I've seen in a LONG time and it's still coming down hard. My car is completely buried out there. It's a good thing I didn't have anywhere to go today. Though I wish I'd filled up on gas Friday night. Not much I can do about it now. They're actually saying we could get 2 feet.

The bad part is I actually do have several places to go tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the roads will be clear enough by the time I have to get out there.

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February 20, 2003
Yeah... I've got cabin fever, she's got cabin fever...

School got called off Wednesday and today. Tomorrow we will be going back. Yesterday I finally dug out my car after finally finding a shovel of some sort (though we couldn't find a snow shovel anywhere). So I'll be good to go. It'll actually be kind of nice going back to work and getting out of the apartment. I went out a bit yesterday but it wasn't enough. After being stuck inside pretty much from Friday night until Tuesday, I have a lot of being outside to catch up on.

I don't remember what it's like to be at work.

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February 24, 2003
Back in black (well... blue...)

So I'm back to work at last. It was kinda nice having an entire week off, though I wish I'd been able to plan for it. I ended up just goofing off, for the most part. But I guess that's O.K. Goofing off is sometimes necessary.

There's still a giant mound of snow in the parking lot of my apartment complex. At least most of the sidewalks are clear now.

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March 9, 2003
Get lynched!

Anyone ever been to Lynchburg, VA? Anything fun to do around there? Sarah and I are planning to go away for a couple days during our spring break to get away from it all, so I was just wondering. :)

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April 15, 2003
Hey, stupid... I brought you this stuff.

The blog's been quiet, since nothing terribly interesting's been going on in my life. I think the only terribly exciting thing that's happened is I got a new phone, since my old phone seemed to be having trouble holding its charge. Other than that, though... I can think of little to talk about.

Pretty much anything worth saying about the war has already been said. And I won't even start into the whole deal with looters destroying those precious artifacts, as I think that pisses me off more than anything else, oddly enough.

Oh. One thing. If you're in the area, definitely go to Carrabbas. Very yummy Italian. We've only been there once, but their chicken gratella with roasted rosemary potatoes was amazing. We plan to go back as soon as we can so I can see if their tomato sauce is up to snuff.

Anyhow... back to the silence.

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April 17, 2003
Finally... a good EB experience.

I tend to avoid going to Electronics Boutique (and, really, to Gamestop) except to browse, as their prices tend to be pretty bad ($5 off the original retail price for a used game that's several months old? Please... I can do better on eBay, even with shipping) and their employees tend to be lame fanboy goons who have NO idea what they're talking about. Hell, one time I walked into one and asked for a game that I KNEW was out at some stores and the guy told me that it had been cancelled. ^_^

Anyhow... last night I went to buy Phantasy Star Online for the X-Box at the EB in the Dulles Town Center Mall. Not only did the guy remind me that you need X-Box Live to play it at all (which is baffling), but he also reminded me that to play online you need to purchase a Hunter's License (which isn't actually listed on the game's packaging ANYwhere... curses to Microsoft and Sega!). It was a surprising experience.

I doubt it'll be consistent. And, just like Best Buy, EB will continue to employ morons who have no clue. But at least I'll have last night...

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May 5, 2003
Credit card fraud shmedit card fraud

So on Saturday morning, I get a phone call. I didn't wake up for it, but I checked my voice mail when I did and I had an automated call from Capital One's fraud protection department. That woke me up. I called the number that was given and was directed to a real person pretty quickly. Just as they asked for my mother's maiden name... click... my power goes out. I was on a portable phone, so it went dead. Turns out the maintenance guys had turned off my power, since the meter in my apartment had been accidentally switched (God knows when) with the one for the apartment diagonally across from mine, so they were switching it back.

Eventually, the power came back on and I called Capital One back and went through the whole thing. It was kinda nice that they mentioned that someone had called and had hung up when they'd asked for my mother's maiden name. It felt nice that they were looking out for me. Anyhow, it turns out that somebody had charged over $8000 to my card at some audio store and then tried to do another $8000 at some other place, but that was declined. Since I don't use that card any more (as I'm trying to rid myself of credit card debt), I guess that kind of activity alarmed them.

I know it's something fairly simplend probably routine, but it's that kind of customer service that makes me feel good.

And it's certainly better than the Mormons who accosted me as soon as I stepped out of my car after I'd gotten home from work one fairly warm day last week. :P

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May 12, 2003
Come on, baby...

This news story is just bizarre. Lighting a 10 year old kid on fire? What kind of adult would even consider doing that? Especially given that it was apparently a kid the person didn't even know (not that it'd be O.K. otherwise...).

I know there are less guns in Japan and all that, but it seems like people there make up for it with really bizarre violent crimes. I've heard of decapitations; ride-by knifings; a guy who drove his car into a mall, pulled out a knife, and started hacking into people; and now this. In a nation of conformity, people can get extremely creative when they get violent.

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July 14, 2003
Take a picture, it lasts longer

Well, we ended up getting a digital camera. The Canon Powershot A70. It's quite a nice little camera. We also got a 256MB CompactFlash card, which helped a great deal. The thing takes some nice looking pictures. Sarah took it with her when she went to visit her family this past weekend for her cousin's baby shower. She took quite a few pictures, plus some video. Though the video's only at 320x240, it actually looks rather good. Probably could've gone to 640x480, but we were still experimenting with how much size it'd take up. The lower resolution doesn't take much space at all, really. I doubt we'll do too many videos anyhow, but it's nice to have the option to do little clips (with sound, mind you).

I'm happy with the purchase. A bit pricey, but I think it'll work out great in the long run and it was better buying a nicer camera that we like than one that was a bit cheaper but sucky.

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September 3, 2003
Couched in mystery

Anyone out there know of a good furniture store in northern VA? We're on the lookout for a new couch and, so far, we haven't really found anything we like that's in our price range. We're not totally cheap, but we don't want anything too expensive. So far we've only pretty much looked at Belfort and the Room Store. Help?

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September 12, 2003


Both Johnny Cash and John Ritter on the same day? Crazy. Not that I was a huge fan of either, but this is pretty sad. And this the day after I read a blurb that said Cash had just cheated death yet again after being released from a hospital.

This has been a very bad year for celebrities.

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September 25, 2003
Faster faster!

Woo. Soon I'll be upgrading my DSL from 608/128 to 1.5/256 for the same price. The installation kit is supposed to come today and the loop install is supposed to be done tomorrow. Just have to get a couple more filters and get everything all finished up and I'll finally have a decent connection. And then hopefully stupid meanies will stop complaining about me having a low ping when I try to join their games. :P

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October 12, 2003

We finally found a new couch! Yay! We actually found the store while looking for a different store. At this point, we were kinda tired of looking for a sofa. But it actually turned out to be a pretty nice one that should look good in our living room. Here's a nice li'l picture of it.

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November 6, 2003
The Car(max) Saga

Sorry I've been neglecting this place a bit, but I've been busy, what with my Japanese class, NaNoWriMo starting up again, and... well... all the stuff I'm going to tell you about right now.

So on Friday of last week, Sarah decided she was fed up with her '97 Saturn. It had about 110,000 miles on it and it'd been acting up for quite some time. She'd tried getting it repaired, but it just didn't seem to be helping matters much. The thing was starting to feel pretty dangerous and with her taking classes in the city and us working so far from home, she decided she needed something a little more reliable.

So we went to CarMax, where I'd had a pretty good experience when I'd gotten my 2000 Saturn in November of 2001. Sarah had seen a 1999 Jetta on their website that she was interested in, as she's always wanted a Jetta. She liked the look. So she'd called ahead to see if it was still there and it was. The salesguy we ended up with was really nice and everything. We test drove it and Sarah liked it, so we signed all the papers and drove home in her new car. And this is where the troubles started.

Shortly after leaving the CarMax parking lot, the check engine light came on. The engine didn't seem to be misbehaving, but we thought this was odd, since CarMax is supposed to check everything before they sell a car (their quality sticker was on the window of the car, but oddly, we found a checklist in the car that hadn't been filled out). CarMax was closing soon after we left and we knew the service department was definitely no longer open, so we decided to call the next day. Service isn't open on the weekends, so we just decided to call back on Monday. Sarah drove the car a little bit on Saturday and the check engine light had gone off, so we thought maybe things were O.K.

Monday morning, I get a call at work from Sarah. The car won't start. Apparently, it's the battery. So CarMax tells her she has to get AAA to take the car to CarMax. So she waits an hour and a half for AAA, who jumped the car, so she could take it there herself. When she got there, they told her they didn't do loaners. Which is odd since, when they finally gave her a loaner after she complained a lot, they actually had a loaner agreement form. They said they'd get to the car when they could.

So they call Sarah later on Monday and tell her that they're sending the car to the Volkswagen dealership. At this point, Sarah started considering returning the car and getting something else from CarMax, despite how she'd been treated about trying to get a car that they were responsible for repaired. She agonized over the decision. When she still didn't have the car back on Wednesday, she made up her mind to just return it. At one point during this period, they'd called her and told her that her car was in detailing and would be ready that night. When she got there, they told her they had called about the wrong car. And, actually, on Wednesday, they left a message saying that the car wouldn't be ready until today.

Also during this time, Sarah did some more research about the Jetta from this year and found numerous things to be concerned about. Many many people had reported weird mechanical and electrical problems that repeatedly plagued the car. Anything from the throttle body suddenly going bad to power windows going down and never coming back up. At that point, she was still considering CarMax, but I think hearing a couple other horror stories from other people soured her on the idea.

Wednesday afternoon after work, Sarah went up to Leesburg Honda to test drive a used Honda. She found a used 2001 Honda Accord LX there that had almost everything in it that she wanted. She loved the ride and, so far, we've had no problems at all with it. The warranty's great, it's a Honda certified used vehicle, and everyone there was really nice to us. Hondas are supposedly very reliable and last a long time, so this should be a good car for her, especially for when she takes trips to see her family in Ohio. The price was higher than the Jetta, obviously, but the monthly payments turned out to be only a little bit more and she got a better APR there. So it all worked out good in the end. It was just a very stressful few days.

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December 9, 2003

Hi there. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I guess there hasn't been a whole lot to post about. Been busy with errands and Christmas shopping and all sorts of things lately, but it hasn't been much that's entirely interesting.

I did get new glasses last night. I hadn't had an eye exam in at least 3-4 years and, amazingly, my prescription hasn't really changed much. The doctor tweaked it a bit, but she said my eyes were very healthy and really not that bad. Signs had started getting a bit blurry for me until I was close to them, so hopefully the little change will help. My new frames are pretty stylish and look good. They look much better on my thinner face than my old ones did. They're made of titanium, so they should be pretty durable. Thankfully I had a 50% off coupon or else the glasses would've been extremely expensive.

I know my MP3 of the Week has become more like my MP3 of Whenever I Get Around to It. Hopefully I'll fix that soon. Just haven't heard much that really strikes my fancy.

Hope everyone's having a loverly December.

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January 5, 2005
The Eloquence of the B(e)ard

So I'm growing a beard. I've never had one before. Since my facial hair grows so quickly (I have a 5:00 shadow at noon), I figured I might as well give it a shot and see what happens. It looks O.K. so far, but I have to learn to trim and groom the thing properly. My hair's so wavy, it might get out of control if I just let it run free and wild. I'll have to put up a picture once it fills out a bit more.

Nothing else is going on. Nothing at all. O.K., that's not true. But there's nothing else for me to write about. Not that the beard was a major thing, either, but I haven't written ANYthing on here in a long time, so I figured I might as well share my beard with the world.

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January 7, 2005
Insane Cat Posse

Our cats are mentally deranged. They seriously are. The female, Audrey, will be purring away as if she's having a wonderful time. Then she'll turn around leisurely and bite whoever's petting her. She also hobbles around like she's drunk and is probably the least graceful cat I've ever seen. When climbing up on the furniture, she often misses where she intends to land and barely hangs on for dear life. Which I'm sure doesn't do good things for the furniture.

Sebastian is a little terror. He hasn't attacked my legs in quite a while now, but he still attacks Audrey. And not in a playful way. He also tears up the furniture. But the insane thing he does is he just suddenly starts meowing like crazy and running around all over the house. Or he'll sit upstairs meowing when we're downstairs, as if he's forgotten where we are. He's a very silly cat. He also has to be there whenever you're doing ANYthing. Cooking dinner, walking, going to the bathroom... anything.

We were thinking of getting rid of them for a while, especially after Audrey bit Sarah hard (the wound didn't properly heal for over a week). But we love them and we'll probably keep them.

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May 17, 2005

Yesterday I had such a wonderful day.

While driving along on the way to work, I guess I got a bit too close to the side of the road and hit a huge pothole that I normally wouldn't have (I saw the hole on the way into work this morning and it was deep). This caused me to get a flat tire. Thankfully, I had a spare and a jack and I managed to change the tire myself. This was my first time, so it was very exciting.

So after work, I took my car to a shop to have it looked at and my worst fears were confirmed. I'd bent the rim, so I needed to get a new wheel. So now I'm hunting for a new wheel for my li'l Saturn. And then I can either get the old tire patched or get a new one. Either way, it's probably not going to be cheap.


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September 19, 2006
Studio 60

Still working on getting all the Movable Type templates switched over to looking like the rest of my site, but I'm getting there. Only a few more to go and then I can get to the business of making sure everything's all set up correctly and tweaking things and such.

Tonight was the premiere episode of Aaron Sorkin's new show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Though I can't say I loved it to pieces, I really liked it. Good cast and a neat idea for a show. These kinds of shows take a bit of time to really get rolling and you could tell that this was a pilot episode. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one. Plus, unlike House, this show's on an HD channel that comes in well, so I can actually watch it without swearing at the TV whenever the picture or sound drop out during the middle of a very important something.

Sorry. Can't afford cable.

Anyhow... I recommend the show. Give it a watch.

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