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March 16, 2005
Not again!

I've started having my recurring school dream again. I'm in college and I've forgotten to go to a class all semester. I explain to people that it's hard for me to remember which classes I have on Monday, since I have so many of them. It's always English class. And I'm always explaining it to people I went to high school with, instead of people I went to college with. This time I finally went to class on some random day and we were having a big test. Ooops.

This time, another dream mixed in with this one slightly. I often dream that I've forgotten to check my mail all semester and I finally do and I have all these packages and pieces of mail. It's wacky.

Last night I had a new dream where all these girls I went to high school with showed up at this weird place where you could buy breakfast and coffee and stuff. One of them had colored her hair orange, was wearing orange clothes, and had orange contacts. None of these girls would've had anything to do with me in high school. :P

Off to delete over a thousand bits of comment spam!

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