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February 15, 2005
Cupid's weekend of love

Been quiet around here, I know. Nothing exciting has been going on. Not that that's stopped me before, of course.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I surprised Sarah with a night out at the 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church on Friday. It was a bit pricey, but it's a really nice place with a lot of atmosphere and hospitality, so it was worth it. Sarah really liked it and liked being surprised. Well... she knew we were going SOMEwhere. She just didn't have any idea where. And I managed to keep it to myself for over a week, which is a miracle.

On Sunday, we went to a Tet Party that Ryan and Huyen were throwing at Four Sisters in the Eden Center. Parking was outrageously terrible and people that go there need to learn some parking lot etiquette. Otherwise, though, the party was oodles of fun. Great food and good company.

I've had a lingering cold that varies in severity daily. Today it seems to be O.K. Just a little stuffed up at the moment. What will tomorrow bring? :P

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