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September 23, 2004

Well... I've upgraded to MT 3.11 and it looks like everything's going well. I still have to tweak some stuff and the registered comments using TypeKey isn't quite working right (some Perl issue), but I like how it's stopped the comment spam very much.

Sarah and I are all moved into our new townhouse. We're still in boxes, especially because we want to make sure the mice are gone, but we should hopefully get out of those soon. We can only hope!

We now have two cats. The male is a cream-ish/orange-ish domestic long hair named Sebastian and the female is a brown-ish/black-ish tabby domestic short hair named Tigger. Since Tigger's not really a female name and it doesn't suit her at all, we're trying to change the name to Audrey (after Hepburn, since she's a rather classy kitty).

Other than that, work's just been extremely busy, so I've been bad with e-mail, phone calls, blogging, etc. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I'll feel rested again. Until then... I'll tweak the MT templates until they work right on both blogs and probably leave this space pretty blank. :P

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