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No DSL for you!

Since Speakeasy has a new thing where you can tell them you'll be moving at some point, I tried it out. A couple days later, I got a call from one of their people saying they ran a test on the phone line at the new place... and all I can get there is IDSL. Which, as I recall, seriously blows. Just checking Speakeasy's site, it'd cost twice as much for 10% of the bandwidth. Not really what I'm looking for.

So... despite the rather high cost of cable around here, it looks like I'll have to go for cable. The kinda nice thing is that our channels will finally come in nice. The bad thing is is that now I have to do research on cable companies and switch ALL my e-mail addresses on every site and mailing list I'm on. :P At least basic cable isn't too pricey (only about $14 a month at both Cox and Comcast), so that'll be good.

But still... blah... as if moving wasn't going to be a hassle already...

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