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Look, ma! It's in color!

One nice used DVD find I made recently was WWII in Color. I caught part of the end of a similar show narrated by Martin Sheen on PBS when it aired, but then I forgot to look to see if it had come out on DVD. I was lucky to find this, which I've read is a much better documentary.

The bits I saw in the PBS version gave a fresh perspective on the war. Something about the black and white footage always seems a little fake. It FEELS like a movie. But this feels so much more real when you see it. I haven't watched all of it yet, but what I saw was rather graphic, as well, and I hear the battle scenes can be pretty graphic.

I'd recommend this to anyone, though maybe the faint of heart should look away during certain scenes. Especially with the glut of WWII PC and console games out these days, sometimes it's easy to forget what it was really like.

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