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I got paid in puke!

Yeah yeah... haven't written much in a while. But the holiday season's busy.

On Sunday the 21st, we went to Ohio to visit Sarah's family. This also gave Sarah an opportunity to catch up with a friend of hers who lives in Seattle now, but who was visiting family and friends in western Pennsylvania.

When we got there, I discovered that it really was Sarah's grandparents' cat that made my eyes burn. I never felt all that great afterwards, though part of that is because every single kid there (and there were 4 of them) plus Sarah's cousin were sick. And also because Sarah's grandparents don't believe in heat at night. But anyway... for me, it was just sniffles. For Sarah... it was more. But I'll get into that later.

We had oodles of fun playing with the kids. Both of Sarah's cousins had new additions to their respective families very recently, so those two were tiny little cuties. The other two were cute, too, but they were also coughing, sneezing, runny nosed menaces who seemed to enjoy hitting me and stepping on me in rather unpleasant places. But Emma, the older of the two babies, was an adorable little thing who was pretty well behaved most of the time. Especially if she was being held by an adult who was standing up. We didn't get to see Libby as much, but she slept oodles, which was good, too.

Anyhow... on Christmas Day, we got to have brunch and a nice dinner and we got a few nice presents. And Sarah got to hold Emma for most of the day, since her mommy was so sick. However... the germ factory would soon finally take its toll on Sarah.

On Friday, we met up with Sarah's friend, had a little lunch, and then went off to visit Stan Hywet, the mansion built by F.A. Seiberling, the co-founder of Goodyear. It was a very cool house and it was all decorated for the Christmas of 1940. I had a good time. However... this is when Sarah started feeling ill.

After a dinner where Sarah ate next to nothing, we all went back to her grandparents' house only to discover Sarah had a 102.6 degree temperature, which is especially high for her considering her temperature usually hovers around 97.4 or 97.8 or so. She went to bed soon after we got home. But a rather unpleasant choking dream woke her up in a very messy way. After a change of clothing, she went back to sleep.

We were supposed to leave on Saturday, but Sarah wasn't up to travelling and still had a temperature a little over 101 degrees. So I drove us back on Sunday through some slightly yucky traffic. But at least the weather was good.

A pretty good trip, but the sickness was bad and Sarah still doesn't feel all that great. But... it could've been worse. I'll have some pictures up soon, mostly of the little ones.

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