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Roy G Bel Biv Devoe

Last night was another Indigo Girls show at Wolf Trap. With the way work's been lately (and since I felt a little ill during the whole thing), it was hard for me to really get into the show. Still... it was a very good show.

The opening act, Cordero, was a lot better than I expected them to be given the MP3s and description on their site. I don't know if I'd ever go out and buy any of their CDs or anything, but they were entertaining.

The Indigo Girls show turned out to be what I was hoping for from a non-album tour... just Amy and Emily with acoustic instruments. They played quite a lot of new stuff from an album they just finished recording but won't be out until early next year. Because of that, though, I kinda wish they'd balanced it out with older stuff a bit more. Though they played a few songs off of the first few albums (including the ubiquitous Closer to Fine), it wasn't quite enough for me. With such a huge repertoire now, though, I guess I can't expect that to happen. I don't think anything will ever match the show I saw during the Swamp Ophelia tour.

Still... I had a good time and we had great seats (row M, best we've ever done for the Indigo Girls, I think) and this is the way I like to see Amy and Emily play. And the weather cooperated so it wasn't QUITE as stifling by the time the show started. Huzzah!

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