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Digi digi coo

I'm sort of on the lookout for a digital camera. I've decided to drag myself into the 21st century a bit. I can't really afford one, but it'd be nice to finally have one. I don't have overly much to take pictures of, but that's never stopped me before. Actually, Sarah and I are going on a little trip at the end of July and we figured it'd be nice to have it then. Also... I've had an interest in photography for quite some time. I never got especially good at it (though my family was always amused at my many shots of the water flowing in the kitchen sink). Part of that was cost. It was hard to practice when developing cost so much and I wasn't really taking pictures of anything of any note. So I'm hoping that maybe having a digital camera will help immensely. But we'll see.

I've mostly decided on the Canon Powershot A70, though a convincing argument could make me change my mind. It's a decently priced camera, has quite a lot of manual features, and it produces a good picture. It's really out of my price range, but... if I want to get one, I want to get a decent one that'll last. Hopefully this will fit the bill.

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Tara (aka Arowyn/Nemain):

Heya Rob *nose* Cool website! Regarding cameras, thought i'd chime in with my thoughts :) We have an Olympus C3000 and I absolutely love it. For those that are big photography buffs, there is a ton of stuff you can fiddle with manually, can even take shots in B&W, Sepia etc. Pretty easy to use, and takes great shots. Another good camera seems to be the Nikon CoolPix. My coworkers use em (they are field biologists so take lots of critter/plant/insect shots) and I have seen some amazing results. If you like manual features though it isn't as good as the Olympus...can't fiddle with much.

Happy hunting!

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