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Rain rain go away!

Jeez... I thought the rain had finally stopped. But no! Yesterday we got a downpour. When I came home, I discovered that the rain had been going practically sideways. We'd left a window or two open to keep the apartment from becoming an oven while we were away. Several of my books that were near the window were soaked. I guess I learned my lesson, but it's never really happened before. An occasional drop or two has found its way in, but never to this degree. Luckily, only one of them suffered any major permanent damage. It's just bizarre how wet everything got. Even the carpet just inside the balcony got wet and that's a good 7 feet or so from where the roof protects us.

Stupid rain.

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Eeeek, not the books! Glad you guys didn't suffer anything worse though! We have had rain here too, though it has been welcome after all the icky heat and humidity! thought i'd left that behind in florida *grumble*

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