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Sunflowers EVERYwhere...

Yesterday, Sarah and I hit the Sunflower Cafe in Vienna, VA for lunch for the first time. Not being a vegetarian (and loving the heck out of chicken), it was an odd experience. Particularly since I opened up the menu and had no idea what half the stuff meant. :P Luckily, they provide a little glossary at the back of the menu so you have some idea what you're eating.

Sarah and I both got adventurous. I tried the General Tso's Surprise (the surprise being, of course, the fake chicken) and Sarah got the Curry Supreme. Both had soy protein masquerading as chicken. Both were rather tasty. I found the Tso's sauce to be rather weak, though. I expected either sweet or spicy, but I got something only mildly sweet. On the other hand, Sarah's curry seemed WAY too salty to me. However, on the whole, I preferred hers and she preferred mine, so we switched. Though I ended up eating quite a bit of the Tso's, too, since Sarah got full.

I was a bit surprised at the texture of the soy. It was a lot closer to chicken than I expected. You can't really say much about the flavor because of the sauces and the way they were cooked, but the texture's probably more important anyhow.

The side salad's dressing was a bit too sour and/or vinegary to me. I couldn't quite tell what the dressing was, but I tasted some soy sauce in there. It was just too much for me, I think.

I don't know if my tummy just wasn't used to just vegetables or if I ate too much, but SOMEthing didn't agree with me, though. However, I think we'll go back at some point. We're both trying to eat healthier and this is a good way to do it. With such a varied menu, I think we can both find something we'll enjoy.

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The General Tso's is Alex's (badwithnames.blogspot.com) favorite... and I always order their Fried Chik'n as an appetizer. Good stuff.

Some of their stuff is kind of hit-or-miss, though, but I've found a lot more there I've liked than I haven't liked. Just stay away from their tofu pumpkin pie... very dry.


Well, the General Tso's grew on me after a bit. I think I liked it better after experiencing the oversaltiness of the curry. I think it's just that it wasn't QUITE what I expected.

I may have to try the fried chik'n. I didn't want to get TOO out there on my first visit. The sushi sounded O.K., too, though the lunch one included an avocado roll, which I don't like. But the cucumber roll and the one with, I think, daikon and carrot sounded good.

Any recommendations on which desserts ARE good? The fact that they have no sugar is good for my current health needs.

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