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Ecks Two

Well, I finally got around to seeing X-Men 2 last night. I was going to go see it this weekend but then I realized that the free certificate I had for it was in my car... which was in Ohio with Sarah. However, she returned safe and sound on Sunday and my car came with her. Luckily, she didn't take the certificate herself to go see it, the scamp.

Anyhow... though there were some flaws with the movie, I found it to be much more enjoyable than the first movie. I admit that some of my problems with it come from my knowledge of X-Men lore, but there were some other little things that bugged me, too.

Let's start with the stuff I didn't like... Wolverine. Jeez. I know he's an interesting character because his powers are cool, his attitude is cool, and he doesn't remember anything so there's a LOT to play with there. I also know he's a fan favorite. But come ON. It just seemed like he was in every scene. Hugh Jackman's excellent in the role, but everything just seemed too Wolverine-centric. Magneto's quip about Wolverine thinking everything is about him is apt.

Cyclops and the chemistry, or lack thereof, between him and Jean. I don't know if he's just a bad actor or just trying to play the Boy Scout WAY too much or something, but it's just wrong. And there just doesn't seem to be any chemistry there at all. It's possible that that's only because they rarely get any decent screen time together (Cyclops probably clocked less than 10 minutes in the whole movie). I don't know. It just doesn't make the whole thing believable. And makes the set up for the next movie that much more disturbing, since I think the whole power of the Phoenix storyline rested in the characters and their relationships. If the main romantic relationship isn't believable and you don't give a care about the characters, it won't work.

Storm... she's gotten better. Really. But that's still not Storm. I don't know if it's the writing or the acting or what...

Nightcrawler kept saying that he couldn't teleport without seeing where he was going... and then proceeded to do it several times, not even counting the one time he did it at the crucial moment. When he rescued Rogue, when he popped the Professor into the jet... Nightcrawler's power isn't necessarily line of sight. As I recall, it still worked if he'd been there before and could visualize the place he was going to. Then he was only limited by distance. It was a little more dangerous that way, but... still... Maybe I'm being nitpicky.

Now the good... Nightcrawler. Wow. As he's always been one of my favorite X-Men, I was unsure about his inclusion as a major character. But Alan Cumming did an excellent job. I can't picture anyone else in the role. His facial expressions and everything were perfect and really captured Kurt. The religious aspect was, perhaps, a little overdone. Otherwise... great job.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen... what can I say? These guys certainly bring class to their roles. And these are two rather classy roles, despite it being a comic book movie. Both intelligent powerful men with a long history together who believe strongly in their divergent ideals and goals. These guys can say more with their eyes than many actors can with their whole bodies.

It feels like Hugh Jackman's really found Wolverine. He was almost there in the last movie, but he really has him now.

The little inside stuff that only comic book fans would appreciate was abundant this time and that made me happy. And it was nice seeing Magneto being as cruel as Magneto can be. Last time he was nasty... but he takes it one step further this time.

I'll stop babbling now. I really enjoyed it. And, though I'm hesitant about where things seem to be going for the next movie, I think everything will be O.K. And if it's not... at least I have this movie to look back on.

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