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Credit card fraud shmedit card fraud

So on Saturday morning, I get a phone call. I didn't wake up for it, but I checked my voice mail when I did and I had an automated call from Capital One's fraud protection department. That woke me up. I called the number that was given and was directed to a real person pretty quickly. Just as they asked for my mother's maiden name... click... my power goes out. I was on a portable phone, so it went dead. Turns out the maintenance guys had turned off my power, since the meter in my apartment had been accidentally switched (God knows when) with the one for the apartment diagonally across from mine, so they were switching it back.

Eventually, the power came back on and I called Capital One back and went through the whole thing. It was kinda nice that they mentioned that someone had called and had hung up when they'd asked for my mother's maiden name. It felt nice that they were looking out for me. Anyhow, it turns out that somebody had charged over $8000 to my card at some audio store and then tried to do another $8000 at some other place, but that was declined. Since I don't use that card any more (as I'm trying to rid myself of credit card debt), I guess that kind of activity alarmed them.

I know it's something fairly simplend probably routine, but it's that kind of customer service that makes me feel good.

And it's certainly better than the Mormons who accosted me as soon as I stepped out of my car after I'd gotten home from work one fairly warm day last week. :P

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Just tell them "God doesn't live here!" and point to your heart. That'll scare 'em away. The mormons, not the credit card people.


Hee. If I'd thought of it, I would've asked them to come up and tell me ALL about their book... right after we sacrificed some virgins.

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