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Sign at the X

Next Friday, X-Men 2 opens. Awww yeah... Looks like it's going to be awesome, too. Though the first X-Men movie was good, there were still some weak bits and there was too much character introduction stuff weighing things down. Now we can get into some real action and hopefully some decent character development.

I keep reading about people who want the Phoenix to show up in an X-Men movie at some point. I personally don't feel it's that great an idea. The Phoenix concept worked so well because you had a real history with these characters. And there was a lot of time to work with it. The build-up began many many issues before the whole Dark Phoenix thing. I just don't see any way of doing the story justice, even if you changed the way things happened. Even if they started injecting the build-up to it now and didn't get to it until, like, X-Men 6 or whatever... I just don't see it working.

Ah well... I haven't read X-Men in years anyhow. I know it's not the same now. Sometimes I get interested, but I spend too much on comics as it is. :P

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