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Finally... a good EB experience.

I tend to avoid going to Electronics Boutique (and, really, to Gamestop) except to browse, as their prices tend to be pretty bad ($5 off the original retail price for a used game that's several months old? Please... I can do better on eBay, even with shipping) and their employees tend to be lame fanboy goons who have NO idea what they're talking about. Hell, one time I walked into one and asked for a game that I KNEW was out at some stores and the guy told me that it had been cancelled. ^_^

Anyhow... last night I went to buy Phantasy Star Online for the X-Box at the EB in the Dulles Town Center Mall. Not only did the guy remind me that you need X-Box Live to play it at all (which is baffling), but he also reminded me that to play online you need to purchase a Hunter's License (which isn't actually listed on the game's packaging ANYwhere... curses to Microsoft and Sega!). It was a surprising experience.

I doubt it'll be consistent. And, just like Best Buy, EB will continue to employ morons who have no clue. But at least I'll have last night...

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