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April 15, 2003
Hey, stupid... I brought you this stuff.

The blog's been quiet, since nothing terribly interesting's been going on in my life. I think the only terribly exciting thing that's happened is I got a new phone, since my old phone seemed to be having trouble holding its charge. Other than that, though... I can think of little to talk about.

Pretty much anything worth saying about the war has already been said. And I won't even start into the whole deal with looters destroying those precious artifacts, as I think that pisses me off more than anything else, oddly enough.

Oh. One thing. If you're in the area, definitely go to Carrabbas. Very yummy Italian. We've only been there once, but their chicken gratella with roasted rosemary potatoes was amazing. We plan to go back as soon as we can so I can see if their tomato sauce is up to snuff.

Anyhow... back to the silence.

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April 17, 2003
Finally... a good EB experience.

I tend to avoid going to Electronics Boutique (and, really, to Gamestop) except to browse, as their prices tend to be pretty bad ($5 off the original retail price for a used game that's several months old? Please... I can do better on eBay, even with shipping) and their employees tend to be lame fanboy goons who have NO idea what they're talking about. Hell, one time I walked into one and asked for a game that I KNEW was out at some stores and the guy told me that it had been cancelled. ^_^

Anyhow... last night I went to buy Phantasy Star Online for the X-Box at the EB in the Dulles Town Center Mall. Not only did the guy remind me that you need X-Box Live to play it at all (which is baffling), but he also reminded me that to play online you need to purchase a Hunter's License (which isn't actually listed on the game's packaging ANYwhere... curses to Microsoft and Sega!). It was a surprising experience.

I doubt it'll be consistent. And, just like Best Buy, EB will continue to employ morons who have no clue. But at least I'll have last night...

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April 25, 2003
Sign at the X

Next Friday, X-Men 2 opens. Awww yeah... Looks like it's going to be awesome, too. Though the first X-Men movie was good, there were still some weak bits and there was too much character introduction stuff weighing things down. Now we can get into some real action and hopefully some decent character development.

I keep reading about people who want the Phoenix to show up in an X-Men movie at some point. I personally don't feel it's that great an idea. The Phoenix concept worked so well because you had a real history with these characters. And there was a lot of time to work with it. The build-up began many many issues before the whole Dark Phoenix thing. I just don't see any way of doing the story justice, even if you changed the way things happened. Even if they started injecting the build-up to it now and didn't get to it until, like, X-Men 6 or whatever... I just don't see it working.

Ah well... I haven't read X-Men in years anyhow. I know it's not the same now. Sometimes I get interested, but I spend too much on comics as it is. :P

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April 29, 2003
Manor House

Though I already really enjoy PBS, their reality shows have been vastly superior to any of the garbage I've seen on most other channels. From Frontier House to Surviving the Iron Age, they've been both thoroughly entertaining and informative.

The latest is Manor House. The premise is a great one and, to me, thoroughly British. Take a middle class family and move them into an old manor house, where they act as one of the nouveau riche in 1906. Then add a group of volunteers to be their servants. You just KNOW something's going to happen.

It's really been great so far. Watching it, it's hard to believe that this was going on less than 100 years ago. If you missed the first episode, I believe they're rerunning the entire 3 part series next week, so don't miss it.

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