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eBayz Techical Alurt of Doom!

This is great. I know a lot of people are going to fall for this one, but I found it amusing. I hadn't gotten this one before.

I got an e-mail claiming to be from "Ebay Customer Support" today. The subject was "Ebay Techical Alert"(sic). It read:

"Dear custmer (rcraven@speakeasy.org),
We regret to inform you that because of some technical problems and a great data loss our team scheduled a maintenance session and managed to keep your account and auctions in good state."

It then told you to click on this link, which led to a site called "www.ebay-invoice.com" and the bottom of the e-mail had all the eBay trimmings of a usual eBay e-mail on it. This eBay Invoice site had the exact look of eBay. When you put in a user name and password, it then brought you to a page that told you to click on a button to go to sign in (which was weird, since wasn't that where I just was?). When you clicked the button, you were forwarded to the real eBay page and it tried to login with the user name and password given.

Hopefully people will be bright enough to notice what's going on here and not fall prey to these near-illiterate password thieves. It's amazing what people try to get away with these days.

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