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Look! Up in the sky... sorta.

Hrmmm... I hope this isn't a sign of bad things to come with Smallville. I'm hoping that it's just a little dip and things will get back to the usual goodness soon. But last night's episode was pretty horrible and next week's doesn't look much better.

Last week's episode was great. Lots of character development and "big picture" plot development. Some great dialogue, too. So maybe I was expecting too much. The plot in this week's episode was pretty thin. Even I figured out who probably shot Lionel right away. And the dialogue was pretty lousy. Not that Smallville's dialogue is always wonderful, but this was often predictable and even cornier than the corniest it's ever been. The only really high points of this episode were seeing Lex and Clark go at it and seeing losing his temper, something he'll eventually need to learn to control.

As for next week's episode... well... it'll be nice for Pete and Chloe to get some serious screen time again, since they've been pretty absent lately. But the original red kryptonite episode JUST happened. And they're going to reuse it already? Is this because Lana and Clark were getting along together TOO well and they needed to shake things up again? They could've thought of something a bit better than a retread. Jeez.

What little I've heard of the following week's episode sounds promising, at least, with Lex searching for Lionel's illegitimate son and all that.

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I'm just writing to say that I'm skipping this entry for now because I haven't watched the episode yet.

Just wanted to let you know.


Now that I've watched it...

I agree. Huyen and I both said after the first five minutes that the episode seemed to be moving entirely too fast. And isn't Lionel Luthor getting tired of having an attempt on his life pretty much every week?

This episode was definitely one of the few low points of the show, and I too was wondering about bringing back "Bad Clark" so quickly. Really, would Lana be all that surprised if it happened again? Wouldn't she just remember the first time?

They need to slow things down a bit and, as you said, work on developing long-term plots while handling new and interesting short term plots along the way.

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