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The end? No... this is just the beginning...

Well, last night was the last meeting of my first Japanese class. I think it was worth it. I know a lot more than I did before I took the class and it worked out much better for someone to teach me this instead of me trying to figure it out for myself. I'll most likely take the next class, which starts in the third week of January. Should be good.

Life's seemed really hectic lately for no good reason. I had a 4 day weekend, after all. I just feel like I have very little time and I don't know why. Must be just the holiday season. It makes things feel chaotic whether they are or not.

I forgot to mention officially that Sarah did manage to finish her novel with 2 days to spare. She hasn't really decided what to do with it besides the inevitable revisions and tweaking and such. Maybe I'll convince her to let me post it here. As for me... I'm going to try working on mine soon. Now that my class is over, hopefully I'll feel like I have more time.

Christmas is coming up so fast. We haven't even put the fake tree up yet. Eeep!

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