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Oodles o' noodles

Yeah yeah, I've been quiet lately... It's Christmas (yes, the whole month is designated "Christmas")! I've had stuff to do.

Finally managed to drag Sarah to Minerva in Herndon on Saturday. They have an excellent and very reasonably priced lunch buffet. It's definitely some of the spiciest Indian food I've ever had, too. My mouth was on fire and my nose was running after just a few bites. But it was so worth it. While my taste buds were still functioning, it was really good.

Pretty much all of my Christmas shopping is done! YAY! Sarah was pretty much done at the end of November, since I bought her a laptop and that pretty much covered how much I tend to budget for her. Still have to pick up a card and send out cards to everyone else, but... at least spending the bulk of the money is over.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Be gentle with me...

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