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Well, my novel's coming along very slowly. I was pretty good about keeping up with my daily goal until I got sick on Monday. Since then, I've been pretty bad about staying with it. I'm up around 3700 words now when I should be at 10,000 or so. It's a bit of a relief to see others struggling just as much, though. It gives me some faith that I can recover. Or that we're all screwed.

This is actually probably the longest story I've ever written. I've always had a problem with length. There are usually a set amount of things I want to happen in a story and I have trouble filling in the rest of it, so the story ends up being 2 or 3 pages long. Even if I stopped now, it'd be something of an achievement.

But I won't. I'm sort of stuck at the moment because I'm going into a dialogue-heavy section and dialogue's always been my weak point. But I'll plod on. I think my difficulty with this task is that I keep trying to think it has to be good. But it just has to be done. It's not like anyone can write an exceptional novel in a month. I'm trying not to look back at what I've written so far too much, since I'm sure most of it will bug me. I only look back so I remember character's names, pretty much.

I may put what I've done so far up here at some point. Maybe.

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I wrote a 50-page story for an English class in 7th grade (for that teacher I told you about that was 4'6" and was rumored to be able to slam dunk a basketball) and midway through the story, I changed one of the character's last names without realizing.


The pages will fly by once you reach the sex scenes.

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