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I have to admit... I like Netscape 7. I know there are probably better browsers out there, but I've always been a Netscape kid. The new one's a definite improvement over 6. We'll see if there are any annoying bugs that'll drive me away.

Go, Netscape, go!

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Use Mozilla instead of Netscape -- it's the same browser without all the crap.

Plus one major feature they yanked from the Netscape 7 that's in Mozilla: the ability to stop pop-up ads that you don't specifically ask for (meaning, if you don't click on a link that pops a window up, you won't get any pop-ups).

Wow -- you're getting a lot of "naked bowling" searches... in fact, you're the number one result for it on Google!


See... I'd use Mozilla but I've gotten myself too used to Netscape mail. I guess I could switch to Eudora or some other mail program that anyone could recommend that'd allow me to import my old Netscape mail. Not that Netscape mail is all that good, really, as it blew away a huge chunk of my mail when I accidentally hit "Compact Folders". It's just free.

Supposedly there's a way you can get Netscape 7 to stop pop-up ads, too. I just haven't looked into it too much.

I think the very first search I noticed when I started using SiteMeter was for naked bowling. It frightens me just how many people search for it. I think the one of the last things I'd want to watch someone do when naked is bowling.


O.K. Maybe I'm dumb. I thought Mozilla didn't have mail with it, but reading the release notes, I guess it does. Or maybe I could just get Eudora Light. I don't know. All this peer pressure...


America loves EUDORA


O.K., O.K. I'll at least TRY Eudora. :P

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