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Quick update...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to do a quick, random update.

Work's been really busy lately. With the school year starting soon and people being out sick or on vacation, I've had a lot to do. Hopefully everything will get done before the kids return, though I'm not feeling all that hopeful about it. Ah well... I'm doing what I can.

Apparently, my credit card number was stolen. I noticed a couple charges from ibillcs.com on my bank statement and it turns out this is some kind of Internet billing company. Some guy apparently subscribed to adultupskirt.com or something like that with my credit card number. His e-mail address was rather odd. Luckily, they said they'd refund the charges and block my credit card. I should probably call my bank and have them give me a new credit card number for my check card. I have to wait a bit for one charge to go through, but then I should be O.K.

I've upgraded my home machine to Windows 2000 to try to fix the problems I was having. I probably could've just reinstalled Windows 98 and it may have fixed the trouble, but... it might not have. It's probably time for me to enter the new century anyhow, so I figured I might as well. Everything's working great so far and the problem I was having vanished. The install went pretty smoothly. I had to reinstall a couple programs, but it wasn't too bad at all.

The MP3 of the week will be late. I haven't really gotten to use the computer much today and I won't get to for long tonight, either. It's almost time for bed anyhow... :P

That's all. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I had to keep anyone interested updated.

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