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Everything's O.K. now... yeah...

Well. That was fun.

Sorry I've been out of it these past couple weeks. After getting Windows 2000 installed and finally getting all the kinks worked out, I decided to get a new hard drive, since mine was getting fairly full. So I saw that Best Buy was having a $110 mail-in rebate offer with Western Digital's 7200rpm 120 gig drive. Looked like a good deal, so I bought it.

It takes a long time to copy 30 gigs worth of stuff.

During the process of installing the new drive and making the old slave become the new master, I noticed that the two 7200rpm drives were extremely hot. Like I felt my fingers burning when I was taking them out. This didn't seem good. Since my old case didn't really have wonderful air flow (though it was decent if I figured out how to get a couple fans into the fan slots) and it didn't really have a good way to cool the drives, I decided to get a more modern case. I opted for the Antec SX635, a pretty sweet little mid-tower with a 350W power supply, a built-in rear fan, and two optional fans, one of which blew air right across the hard drives. So I bought the extra fans and everything went pretty smoothly. The case seems a lot cooler now and I think the drives will be much happier.

So... now I'm back, hopefully. Next week at school should be interesting as we try to get everything set up for the start of school on the 27th. It'll be a busy busy week, I can tell...

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