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The type... it's moving... duuude...

Well, I've made the plunge and transferred my blog over to using Movable Type. It was a fairly simple process, though I spent hours last night trying to figure out why all my entries seemed to be there but nothing was coming up on the main page. I tried several different things and was extremely frustrated until I finally realized that I'd set it to show only 7 days' worth of posts on the main page and I hadn't posted in over a week. Everything seems to be working fine now. The design could use some tweaking, as always, though I'll probably just leave it for now. I still have to import my old comments, but I'll get to that eventually. That's a pretty major task. Luckily, I don't have too many comments, but it'll still take some time. Anyhow... it was an interesting experience. Movable Type is cool.

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Looks awesome!

Looks good. Clean and crisp looking. I like it.

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