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I am employed, hear me roar.

Well, in about 7 hours or so, I'll be at my new job on my first day. Hopefully everything will go well. I'm not really qualified for the job, so I'm a bit worried about that. But... they seem to have a lot of confidence in me and my ability to learn. So maybe I won't completely destroy their network. :) We'll see what happens. If all doesn't go well, maybe you'll see me in the unemployment line again soon and all my stuff will end up on eBay so I can pay my bills. Yay!

It'll be nice to have a permanent job again. Though I've been carrying around all this debt for so many years, I still don't feel comfortable when my financial footing is that unstable. It drives me nuts not to have a steady income. Maybe this will bring my stress level down a bit.

Anyhow... I'm employed. Now to get all those job web sites I signed up at to stop sending me mail. :)

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I hope I'm next. Not working sucks for many reasons, not the least of which is being bored sitting at home.


Congrats, Rob. Be sure to send the excess stuff to Robert (and, really, I'd look at 'em.)

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