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July 1, 2002
Yes. I am a follower.

Paul did it. Ryan did it. Katherine mentioned it. The peer pressure is too much. So I'm probably going to try to switch over to using Movable Type. I'll probably screw things up royally. As if my latest computer problems weren't enough. But it looks so neat and wonderfully configurable. And maybe it'll get me to finally learn webbish scripting languages and such. It'll probably be a bit before I do it, but I thought I'd babble about it now. Babbling is good.

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July 2, 2002
It's... so... BIG...

Hrmmm... looking at the docs for Movable Type, maybe I won't be trying it out. It says it takes up 2 megs. With only 10 megs of space to work with in the first place, that might be a bit bigger than I can really afford to do. Either that or I could scale back the rest of my site and pretty much make it blog only. Which is an option, since I don't really do much else with my site anyway. Oh well. I guess I'll think about it.

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July 5, 2002
I am employed, hear me roar.

Well, in about 7 hours or so, I'll be at my new job on my first day. Hopefully everything will go well. I'm not really qualified for the job, so I'm a bit worried about that. But... they seem to have a lot of confidence in me and my ability to learn. So maybe I won't completely destroy their network. :) We'll see what happens. If all doesn't go well, maybe you'll see me in the unemployment line again soon and all my stuff will end up on eBay so I can pay my bills. Yay!

It'll be nice to have a permanent job again. Though I've been carrying around all this debt for so many years, I still don't feel comfortable when my financial footing is that unstable. It drives me nuts not to have a steady income. Maybe this will bring my stress level down a bit.

Anyhow... I'm employed. Now to get all those job web sites I signed up at to stop sending me mail. :)

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July 13, 2002
The type... it's moving... duuude...

Well, I've made the plunge and transferred my blog over to using Movable Type. It was a fairly simple process, though I spent hours last night trying to figure out why all my entries seemed to be there but nothing was coming up on the main page. I tried several different things and was extremely frustrated until I finally realized that I'd set it to show only 7 days' worth of posts on the main page and I hadn't posted in over a week. Everything seems to be working fine now. The design could use some tweaking, as always, though I'll probably just leave it for now. I still have to import my old comments, but I'll get to that eventually. That's a pretty major task. Luckily, I don't have too many comments, but it'll still take some time. Anyhow... it was an interesting experience. Movable Type is cool.

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July 14, 2002
The comments have returned from the dead...

With help from this post, the very helpful script mentioned in it, and some personal help from the author to work out some PHP compatibility issues, I've been able to import my old dotcomments from Blogger into my Movable Type blog. Woo. It was fairly frustrating, but everything worked out great with the author's help. It's always nice to find someone who's willing to help you out when you've got a problem.

I'm just glad that's over.

Now... where did my weekend go?

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July 22, 2002
Du Hast Mich

So I bought a Rammstein album this weekend. I never thought I would. But I was standing in CD Cellar in Leesburg and there it was, tempting me to get it. So I did. And I took it home, then listened to it on the way to the grocery store. And... I liked it. It's fun and loud. And there's something about German that goes well with metal. Maybe that's why all those 80's metal bands used random umlauts in their names.

Of course, I balanced things out a bit with a Duran Duran greatest hits disc, The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys, U2's October, and Metallica's Master of Puppets. O.K., maybe that last one didn't do a blessed thing to bring balance to the CD Collection. But that's O.K.

CD Cellar makes me feel squishy.

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July 27, 2002
Blogathon 2002

In case you didn't know, Blogathon 2002 is on! I may not be participating, but Ryan is, so go check him out. It's for a good cause and everyone's a winner!

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Computer? *nudge* Come in, computer...

So I decided to try to fix my computer last night. I thought I'd fixed the weird losing time/eventually freezing often problem, but it hadn't totally gone away. So I went into safe mode and deleted every device I had. I figured Windows would get everything back just fine with its Plug 'n' Play magic. Three hours later, everything was fine again. :P

Unfortunately, the odd freezing problem remains. I'm thinking of maybe trying a Windows 2000 upgrade to see if a new OS would fix the problem magically. I don't know why it would work or even why this happened so suddenly, but it's worth a shot.

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July 28, 2002
Utterly stunned

Wow. I just can't believe it. They actually rescued those miners. It's just amazing what people can live through. I don't know if I could live three days in those conditions. I really thought they were goners.

Must've been the Blogathon that kept 'em goin'.

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