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We're goin' to the show...

Though we hadn't planned on it, we're actually going to go to the Indigo Girls concert tonight. The latest album was subpar, but they always put on a good show. Sarah hadn't wanted to go when tickets first went on sale, so I didn't get them, but then she couldn't decide whether she wanted them or not. Yesterday, her boss called and said she now had an extra pair of tickets, so we decided to help her out by buying them from her. Aren't we nice? ;) I'm sure it'll be nice 'n' hot out there. Though not nearly as hot as I'm sure I'll feel when we go see Mandy Patinkin in late June at the Kennedy Center, when I should dress much nicer.

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The show was good and the opening band was better than usual (none of that pseudo-angsty-modern folk that they usually have).

I've been meaning to post to my blog about the show... thanks for reminding me. You da man.


Yeah, I was wondering when you were gonna post something about the show. Sarah's actually a big fan of the opening act, so we should have a good time, even though we're in the way back. Not on the lawn, though. The lawn is scary. There are freaks there. ;)

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