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April 2, 2002
Nothing to report, sir...

Jeez. I haven't said a thing in far too long. Not that I have much interesting to say, but anyhow...

I decided to take the job at the school. I dropped off the contract yesterday. I really hope everything works out and that I enjoy the job. It won't start until the beginning of July, so I have to hold out until then, but I should be O.K.

Nuffin' else goin' on at the moment...

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April 6, 2002
Oh oh, teacher...

It's been a bit odd for me working at the school. In college, we all called the professors by their first names, so it's not like it'd be odd for me to call a teacher by their first name. But being thrust into the elementary/middle school environment again, I find it nearly impossible to get myself to call any of the teachers there by their first name, even when referring to them to other people. We're all adults here and some of them look like they're younger than I am. Strange what the mind can do.

Of course, it's entirely possible that I have a teacher fetish of some kind and I want them to teach me a lesson, but that doesn't seem too likely.

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April 21, 2002
Phat or no phat...

Sorry I've been among the missing lately. I've been busy, tired, and/or feeling ill lately, so I haven't really felt like saying much. I think the sudden heat really took its toll on me. I don't handle heat very well and it came upon us rather suddenly. But things seem to be cooling off now.

Sarah recently got an ancient Thinkpad 750C. A 486 with a tiny hard drive and an apparently not-quite-functioning CD-ROM drive. I've been struggling to get a wireless network card to work in the thing with no luck so far and I can't quite figure out why. Probably just too old to handle today's PCMCIA cards, though all specs say it should. Ah well. Frustration abounds.

According to our scale, I've lost 35 pounds since the last time I went to the doctor. Granted, that was a year ago or so, but it's rare for me to lose any weight, really. Frankly, I think the scale's lying to me. Maybe it wants to borrow the car.

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April 22, 2002
I feel pretty.

I feel pretty.

I actually managed to get that old Thinkpad onto the network. I'm stunned. My problems were completely wiped out by re-installing Windows 95 after someone let me borrow the floppies. A few other tweaks fixed my TCP/IP problems and suddenly, miraculously, it all worked. So now I've got a 486 with 20 megs of RAM and a 320 MB hard drive on a wireless network running Windows 95 with IE 5.01. I'm just shocked this thing actually works.

And it was a free machine. :)

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April 24, 2002
The Project

Now this looks like fun. :) The article I read in the paper also said there'd be Tuvan throat singers there at some point, which would be pretty amazing to see for real. Now let's hope I don't manage to miss it.

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April 28, 2002
The Barns and The Cellar...

Well, this was actually a pretty nice weekend, despite the sometimes rainy weather. On Friday night, we went to the Barns at Wolf Trap for the first time. We've been to the Filene Center there several times but never to the Barns. The acoustics were actually incredibly good and it was a nice, intimate setting. The show was great and definitely better than I expected it to be, as it wasn't an artist I was especially interested in. The opening act was rather good, too.

On Saturday, we went to the new CD Cellar in Leesburg. Though it was smaller than the Falls Church location, we actually found quite a bit of stuff to buy. Sarah bought more than I did, but I made some great buys, including finally getting The Who's Tommy on CD, the single for Trey Anastasio's first solo album, a freaky CD in the slightly scratched section by The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, and a pretty good cover album of Bob Marley by Ijahman Levi. We'll be going back for sure.

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