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Accident on I-66! Film at 11

Something different to report! I actually got into my first real car accident today. I guess I was in the car for one other accident, but it was fairly minor. And this time, I was behind the wheel. The fog this morning was dense and I figured I was home free without incident once I got on 66 and was just about to 123. The fog had burned off and it was looking like a gorgeous day was starting. The car in front of me braked pretty hard, so I eased on mine. I saw the pickup coming fast in my rearview mirror. But I guess my brain froze and I didn't think to try to swerve off into the break-down lane. Probably for the best, since he probably would've sideswiped me if I'd tried, as I was braking and probably didn't have the speed to get out of the way. Nobody was hurt, though, and the car only received superficial bumper damage. He was nice about it and gave me his business card and all. No reason to get insurance companies involved when it's just paint scratches. He said he'd just glanced down to get his coffee. Ah well. I'll be getting the car looked at tomorrow morning. Kind of shook me up, really, and it hurt my back a bit. But, amazingly, my CD didn't skip a bit, so I guess I can feel good about that. :)

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Ouch. Glad to hear it worked out OK. I've never been in a moving vehicle during an accident -- only one in a parking lot with me and a parked car. :) I'm always very paranoid about getting in a car accident, though... a fear I've inherited, I think.

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