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Trader Joe is the man...

A few days ago, Sarah and I took our first trip to the new Trader Joe's in Reston. It was actually rather cool. We picked up some crumpets, which I'd never had before. Among some other things we got, I also picked up a couple boil-in-a-bag Indian foods. Some lentil dish and a potato dish. The lentils were surprisingly yummy and cooked up in 3 minutes. Great for a nice, quick meal, over some basmati rice.

I went back recently to try to grab some shelled, roasted, salted pistachios for Sarah, but they were all out. They only had the unsalted kind. Fortunately, the trip wasn't wasted, since they had some challah there that looked very tasty.

Kinda nice to have an occasional alternative to the Giants and Safeways of the northern Virginia area.

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TJ's comes highly recommended. It's a frequent visit, and one can walk away saving tons of money versus the bigger stores. The only thing I've ever had from TJ's that I didn't like was a cold hummus lunch plate thing - it wasn't so great. Everything else is cheap AND good quality.

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