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Jobby jobby job.

Hrmmm... well... hopefully blogger's O.K. now. Haven't been able to publish the last few times I tried. And I keep having the feeling I posted SOMEthing else after the 1st, but maybe not. I know I've been quiet. But I thought I posted over the weekend. Oh well. Maybe not. ANYhow...

I'm now employed again. :) The company I interviewed with before the end of the year called my references on Tuesday and had an offer ready for me later in the afternoon. I didn't get to pick it up until tonight, but I accepted. The company seems really great and they're stable. They've been around since 1989. The benefits package was nice. I'm making a substantial amount more than I was at my old job. The weirdest thing is... the two guys who founded my old company were named Jeff and the guy who founded this company's name is Jeff. Spooky. But anyhow... I'm really happy and I'm looking forward to working again. Unemployment sucks. Working is GOOD. Money's especially good.

Thanks to all of you who helped me in any way that you did. And thanks to all of you who supported me when I was laid off. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

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Awesome! And the fact you're making more money is even better... kick ass, dude.

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