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Pray for Mojo...

It may seem like a very silly thing for an unemployed guy to do, but I bought a car yesterday. We went to Carmax looking for a '97 Saturn SL2 that we'd seen online that was about $7500. We've had a good experience with our Saturn, even though Saturn of Sterling really sucks. Unfortunately, that car had already been sold. However, we saw a '00 Saturn LS1 with a sunroof, CD player, and power everything for about $5000 more. It seemed like a good deal, so I put some money down, got a good APR, and bought it. Since Sarah's working so far away and her hours are weird, it didn't seem feasible to keep sharing a car. Unless I found a job right here in Sterling, it just wouldn't work. This will greatly increase my range. It's a risk and it scares me a bit, but I think it'll work out. Pray for me. ;)

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There will be another squirrel in tonight's offering to Baal with your name on it.


Yaaay CAR! Vroom, vroom, SCREEECH!
Woo! :)


Yay! Robzilla's mobile!

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