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Gettin' laid... off

Well, I got laid off today. I'm surprisingly calm about it, which is strange, since I usually freak out about money. But I guess I saw something like this coming. Well, not really. But it feels nice to say that. 7 other people went with me, so at least I wasn't alone. I feel bad for others who are in worse situations than I am. So... now I'm on the look out for work. Maybe this will give me a chance to rethink my career path. Or consider other options about what I want to do with my life. We'll see. I just hope I don't lose touch with the people I was working with that I actually liked. That's probably unrealistic, but... I still hope.

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Rob, I'm really sorry to hear this... hang in there.


Thanks, Katherine. I appreciate it. It was an interesting day. Sarah had an incredible interview and it looks like she'll get this job that she really loves. And then I get laid off. So it was a very bipolar day.


That's good to hear about Sarah, Rob... it'll be easier for you to get back out there knowing that you guys have some steady income...

I just quit my job (effective next Friday) so I know all about this "rethinking your career path" stuff. This could be an open door, but it might be months before it becomes all that clear. Good luck!


Robert -- Hopefully you can find a job that'll give you just as much time to post on the Ping and various blogs. The net wouldn't be the same without you.

Well, in the time between then and now, I will be at home, making all of you miserable. Amen.

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