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Weekend at Rob's

Well, this was a pretty slow weekend. Didn't really do much. Sarah was still feeling pretty out of it and slept a lot, so I had to come up with things to do that were quiet. Which meant no dusting and vacuuming (which the apartment desperately needs) and games and DVDs only when she was awake. I'd thought of going to the Baltimore Comic-Con on Sunday, but I decided against it. Sure, the admission's only $5, but I just KNOW I'd go nuts buying stuff or wanting to buy stuff. I don't go to cons to meet the pros as much. I haven't been to a comic book convention in many years, so it might've been fun. But with Christmas coming fairly soon and Sarah sick and out of work, I couldn't really justify the expense. It's all good, though. The only comic I'm desperately looking for at the moment is Young Justice #21, as that's the only YJ issue I don't have.

Watched all of the extra stuff on the Star Wars DVD, as well as the movie itself. All of the extra stuff was really interesting. I'll have to watch it again with commentary soon. I also watched my Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko DVD and the first episode of the Hakkenden. The Hakkenden's just as bloody as I remember. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest, though I just couldn't see myself sitting down for 6 or 7 hours to watch the whole thing.

All in all, a decent weekend but a slow one.

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The B'more Comicon was only $5?!?!?!? Sweet fudge, I could have gone AND had tons of cash for Natty Boh and crabs! Dammit!


You actually pay cash for your crabs? I always thought chicks gave 'em out for free.


Well well, The Hakkenden? I didn't realize you had wanted to see it again. :) I know how you feel about the con. I recently went into Gamestop to buy an EGM and came out with that, the second Dirty Pair (original) tv series disc and some other DVD. Money seems to just leap from my pocket at times like that. I feel your pain.


Yeah, I never saw The Hakkenden all the way through, so I thought I'd get the DVD. $35 is oodles cheaper than the tapesused to cost (which I think was around $30 a pop for, like, 6 or 7 tapes). So now I'll finally get to see the whole thing.

If you feel a little lower, you'll feel more than my pain. Eep.

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