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Sarah and I went duckpin bowling last night at the Falls Church Bowling Center with Ryan and Huyen. The alley was like something out of the 50s. Since I read somewhere that most duckpin equipment hasn't been manufactured since 1969, I'm not surprised. When we signed up for a lane, we were told that there was no mechanic there, so if the lane broke, we just had to go to another one. Cool.

I sucked hard. Really. We played two games and I never scored over 100. Ryan was the only one who did, on his first game. For a while, the best way for me to score was to whip the ball down the gutter and it'd bounce out at the end and knock down a few pins in the back. By the end of the second game, I'd gotten the hang of it a bit. I think I was throwing it a bit too hard, which made me pull to either side for some reason. My technique and form for bowling has never been good anyhow. What was interesting was that I did a much better job aiming for the pins instead of the arrows, which is completely opposite of how it tends to work for me in ten pin.

Afterwards, we hit the 29 Diner. Good, cheap food and fun decor made for a happy meal. Though I wish I'd gotten a strawberry milkshake, I think my tummy was happier that I didn't.

All in all, though, it was a good night. And I think Sarah was happy to finally get out of the apartment after being stuck inside for a couple weeks.

Oh. And I almost forgot to mention. Sarah beat us all in the second game pretty handily. After how things usually go when she bowls with me, this thrilled her to pieces. :)

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