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Pot-smokin' hippies!

Let me relate to you my recent dealings with the happy people at Phish Dry Goods. My brother recently graduated from Boston University with a masters degree. I hadn't gotten him anything because I couldn't think of anything at all that he'd need. However, when he told me about the Live Phish set that was coming out, I decided to get that for him. So I pre-ordered it and had it sent to my parents' P.O. Box. Since I was having it shipped the cheapest way available, I was supposedly allowed to use a P.O. Box.

So... a couple weeks go by and I get a call. Apparently, for items over $50, they ship by UPS only, so I can't use a P.O. Box. I tell the guy that I'll get back to him, since I needed to find an alternate shipping address. I talk to John a couple hours later and get an address and e-mail it to them, since customer service was closed. The next day, I get an e-mail saying that they shipped it to the original address using priority mail. I thought that was great. Yay.

However... a week later, I get a box by UPS from Phish Dry Goods. What's inside? Why, it's the CDs I ordered for John. I check the tracking info and it was shipped FOUR days after they told me it had shipped priority mail. So I write them and ask what's going on, telling them that I gave them a proper address and asking why they lied to me about shipping it priority mail. So they write back and tell me that I should've used a physical address. It was like they hadn't read my letter at all. So I wrote back again.

About a week later, I finally get a reply from them, basically saying the same thing. They tell me that if I want the rest of the order to go to a different address, I need to provide it to them. Well, the physical address I gave them after they asked for it was printed at the bottom of that very e-mail, since I'd quoted my original response from them. Finally this past Friday, they left me e-mail and voice mail saying they fixed the problem and the remainder of the order should go directly to John. With a half-hearted apology and no offer to refund the shipping costs on top of all that. So now I get to ship it to John myself, which is what I was trying to avoid by giving them a different shipping address in the first place.

Now, I understand that they're busy with this release and everything, since fans have been waiting for something like this forever. But to lie to me and ignore me... that's just ridiculous. This is probably the worst case of customer service I've had to deal with recently.

Freakin' hippies.

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its not a hippies fault it is the mails fault. if it were a hippis fault we would of played them before shipping them lol


also we would of sent a joint with it lol

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