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My nipples explode with delight!

Wow. I had a super-spiffy shopping day today. :)

I got into work and had a mail from Half.com telling me that the Grateful Dead's Ladies and Gentlemen... The Grateful Dead: Fillmore East New York April 1971 4 CD set was in stock for around $19. When I went to check if it was still there, it amazingly was. Usually when I get those Half.com alerts, the CD's already been snapped up before I even get to look. The same seller also had a CD I'd been planning to get for Sarah for Christmas. So that worked out extremely well.

Then I had this mail from CDNow. I haven't bought anything there in ages because their prices suck and their shipping costs are outrageous. CDNow killed off their Fast Forward Rewards program a few months back and I had a bunch of points accumulated but not enough to use for a free CD. Well, the mail said that, since I was a member and I'd had points left, they were going to let me do a buy 1 get 1 free deal. So I ordered The Cure's upcoming greatest hits CD with the bonus acoustic CD and The Innocence Mission's latest.

Then I bought a bunch of stuff from Amazon and used a $10 coupon that pretty much just covered shipping. But... eh... oh well. :P

Shopping today was all about happiness.

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