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Watching the stuff on the Star Wars DVD last night reminded me of something else that's always bothered me a little bit. And it's not just about Star Wars. I've just always had a little bit of a problem with the whole thing about the apprentice becoming stronger than the master and the master getting killed. It was a bit easier to swallow in the first Star Wars, since Obi-Wan was rather old. Though he was probably still strong with the Force, his body couldn't fight any more. But the whole thing in Phantom Menace just seems silly. Qui-Gonn wasn't that old. He was a Jedi Master. Sure, he was a bit reckless at times, but he did a lot of stupid stuff to get himself killed. And then Obi-Wan, not even a Jedi knight yet, goes and kills this guy who was easily holding his own against TWO Jedi? Yeah, right! The whole thing seemed contrived, from the silly shields that kept Obi-Wan from joining the fight to the silly death of both hero and villain.

This sort of theme shows up a lot, though, and it's more unbelievable in other stories than here. I just remember Star Wars better since I've seen it so many times. I know that it's a common element of myth, but it can just rub me the wrong way sometimes.

I won't even go into how I'm bothered by the fact that the only time Luke actually accomplishes anything is when he's totally pissed and the only reason he steps back from the Dark Side is because the Emperor taunts him. That'd just be too geeky. ^_^

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